Glass City Half Marathon 2011 Recap

The Glass City Marathon!  What a day.  It was cold.  A bit windy at times.  This course has been described as fast and flat.  It has hills.  NOthing major, and nothing like the ones I train on here at home.

Mile 1– 9:08 ( Andi and I were stuck in a big group of people.  We had to weave our way around a lot of people)

Mile 2– 8:42 (This was about the pace we wanted to be at.  So far, this felt fine, but it was only mile 2)

Mile 3– 8:29 ( Ooops, we both did not notice how fast we were going, but we felt good so we went with it)

Mile 4– 8:39 ( Feeling good, besides a possible vocal cord flare was fast and over with soon….whew!)

Mile 5-8:42 ( Legs are starting to feel a bit tired and heavy, but they can’t because I still have 8 more mile..knock it off)

Mile 6-8:52 (Dang it.  My legs are tired and I also feel a little funky in the belly.  Not a usual feeling I get while running)

Mile 7-8:53 (I think Andi has been ahead of me for at least 1 mile now…go girl go!!)

Mile 8-:8:58 ( Things not going so well…I barf a little in my mouth.  NASTY.  I also saw a deer at 8.38 miles in- cool!)

Mile 9-8:41 (I try to speed up, but it was not going so well….go faster legs please!!)

Mile 10-8:30 (so there you are pace!)

Mile 11-9:09  ( and there you go pace…barf again. So weird, random and STUPID!!)

Mile 12-9:37 ( Holy crap.)

Mile 13-9:23 ( times 2..oops!  At least Andi said I looked as if I was going fast at the finish…. she was waiting for me since she was done 4 minutes sooner!  Yahoo!!  Go Andi Go!! )

At the finish line I had a major vocal cord dysfunction episode.  It was way worse and longer than I have even experienced.  It was annoying and a bit scary, but it finally subsided after a few looong minutes.  Even though that sucked, I still had a great time.  Not time as in my race time, but time as in a great experience!

My official time was  1:57:37

Overall Place 597 / 1712
Gender Place 215 / 979
Division Place 36 / 168

The expo was only ok.  It was tiny, but the race schwag made up for it!  All participants were issued a nice short sleeve tech shirt.  A nice medal and a sweet beer mug!  There were quite a few friends from my running group Run GR that came to the race too.  I love those races the most; the ones where I know a lot of the runners.  It’s always fun to cheer them on too.  So, while this was far from my best half ( I have only done 2 now!) It was fun.  It was also a learning experience.  It also shows me that I might need to get my butt back to the doctor to see about my vocal cords, allergies and asthma. What a mess!  😉

Mug, tech shirt and medal!

Glass City!

Andi and I....see the agony on my face!??!

Happy to be done!

Let the feeding frenzy begin!!

*Thanks Mr. Trevor for the great pictures!


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