Glass City or BUST!

I should be on the road when this post is public.  Toledo Ohio here we come!  I should be in bed by now seeing that it is 12:43 am.  I guess I just like to party!  Night owl/ insomniac is more like it! I just watched Black Swan.  I was a bit disturbed by some of it.  That might be why I am still up!  No, it was entertaining; very artsy fartsy.  I have always enjoyed Natalie Portman as an actress.  I probably should have started the movie at 9 instead of 10:30.  I got carried away in the kitchen. No, not cleaning, but cooing and packing foods for the trip.

Anyhow, back to the race.  So far the weather in Toledo is much like it is here in Michigan.  Windy. Cold. Crappy. Wind, running and Marcia do not get along.  I hope the forecast changes so there is not a lot of wind. Unless it’s at my back the whole time.  That might get me a PR at the Glass City Marathon on Sunday.   My only 1/2 marathon was last June and my time was around 1:51.  I just looked, but I can’t remember the seconds.  I won’t say I don’t want to get a PR on Sunday, but I honestly don’t feel as though I am as in good of  “running” shape as I was back in June.  I am getting there.  So far this year my goals have been to not have a dang vocal cord attack. FAIL.  I was doing so well too until Tuesday.  Total bummer.  I need to get it out of my head, but so far no good.  It’s not all I think about, but it is on my mind.  My goal is to forget about that and have fun.  I am also going to try to smile at the camera’s on the course.  I always look so mean when they send the race pictures to me.  I will work on that.  I will probably end up looking creepy instead of mean.  I would rather look mean then creepy any day.  It’s settled.  No smiling during the race.

I packed just about every piece of running clothes that I own.  You never know what the weather can change to..always be prepared.  Is that the Boy Scout motto?  Even though I am packing a lot I am still borrowing a shirt from Andi ( if it’s warmer).  I am also borrowing some bad ass arm warmers that I really hope I get to wear.  They are soo cool!!


The race starts at 7 am sharp!  That still leaves time for a nap since it will only be around  9:00 am when I am done….. (hopefully sooner than 9am!!) 😉

I hope to have a full race report sometime Sunday. I have no idea when I will be back.   Have a great weekend!  I plan on having one!


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