Friday ~ Spinning, BIA and TRX video~

Spin at 5:30 am!  I was up bright and early so I could get to the gym a tad earlier than usual.  I had my “weigh in” today .  I  get on the scale about once a month to keep things in perspective.  Since starting the Paleo life I am checking to see if my efforts are paying off or not.  Well, the scale was not working!  So I skipped breakfast for nothing.  Don’t worry, I quickly scarfed it down before spin started.  I can’t skip feeding time.  Ever.   I taught the same spin class I did on Monday and it went over well this morning too.  I tried to take it easy once again, but I failed.  Miserably.  It is a tough profile to take easy.   Oh well. I still have 2 more days before my race, so my legs better be recovered by then!  After that I came home and did stuff.  Miles and I headed back to the gym a bit before noon to be in a video.  Miles was not, just Andi, Ryan (trainer) and I.  We were the trainees for the TRX bands in our Human Performance Lab.  Did you know you can do burpees in that contraption?  I had no idea.  I am glad that

Ryan had that exercise; it looked hard.  I had to do chest press, triceps extensions and a plank crunch.  Not that these were easy – cuz they were not!  Those TRX are a challenge.  The video took all but 10 minutes to record. I am not even sure who the video is for or who will see it, but if I can get my hands on it I will share.  After that I tried the BIA scale again and of course, it worked.  I don’t know what was up with it at 5 am.  It was probably just too early.  I wanted my true weight (whatever that means) at 5 am , but whatever I wanted to know if i have been making any progress or not.  Since my first weigh in( 2/15) I am down almost 5 lbs. More importantly ( to me at least..)is the almost 5% in body fat loss.  That is what I have really been working on.  It looks like my attempt at lifting 2 times a week is paying off even though I usually only do 1 day.  So We all just spent the rest of the time gossiping talking about whatever.

2 more sleeps until my race!


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