Wednesday and Foam Rolling ( HURTS YO!)

I forgot to update my Wednesday….or adding this + my last post would be rather lengthy!

Wednesday – Spin at 10am.  Head for the hills.  3x 8 minute hill climbs.  I made the class up last night during The Biggest Loser ( as usual) and made up my play list this morning…..well, I could not find the play list when I got to work!!  Panic!!  I started class 5 minutes late.  Oops.  The class did not mind ( I don’t think so anyway).  I did have an older lay list on my MP3 player that worked fine.  I just wanted to use my new music!  I guess I can use it next week.  Class was fun and it was full for a Wednesday, with 19 out of 24 bikes filled.  There were some regulars and some new faces.  The new faces clapped after class. ….amateurs! 😉  I actually LOVE like claps every now and then.  After class I debated getting in 15 minutes of easy cardio on the elliptical, but decided to do core instead ( I know, can you believe it?!?).  I lasted about 10 -12 minutes.

A series of basic plank holds

Side planks/plank ups/thread the needle

pelvic lifts + crunch.

I also stretched for a full 5 minutes!  That is a long time for me.

Hurts like a mug

I have been foam rolling for about a week now.  Only a few times a week because I don’t have my own roller yet.  Luckily, I can borrow one at the Y whenever I think about it.  I rolled last week after my 8 miler.  OUCH!  That hurts.  It does NOT hurt so good either.  Will it ever???  It is painful and it makes me want to not do it.  After I am done, I am sore on the worst spot ( right IT band) for quite a while.  I think it’s normal…. I hope so!

Question:  Does foam rolling get better?  How often should I do it?

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