Tuesday continued and a Review

Tuesday Part II~  After my run I had to teach Cardio Sculpt at 4:15pm.  Yes, I did plan the whole class in comfort of my truck in the parking lot while listening to the radio!    Here is what we did after the 5 minute warm up/stretch.

Kick box combo for roughly 5-6 minutes

~ 10 squats

~ 10 squat jumps

~10 squat pulses

Jump rope

Jumping jacks

Speed skates

2 rounds of this ( all moves were roughly 45 seconds long)

~Chest flyes

~Chest press

~Push ups

~Squat thrust

(10 times 2 sets)

Kick box combo for about 7 minutes

~shoulder press

~ up right rows

~front raises

(10 reps each)

Running the stairs– twice/ run back to the fitness room.

~split squat

~pendulum lunge

~lunge pulse

10 reps on each leg

Cool down/Abs and stretching

WHEW!  The ladies did great!


Usually after class I head to running club, but since Andi and I ran earlier I went back to the gym ( naturally).  I was not quite sure why I went, but after procrastinating I hopped on the Precore Arc Trainer and went for a full 30 minutes.  I read an old Fitness Magazine that I had at home.  It was new to me since I could not remember reading any of the articles, so that was nice.




A few weeks ago I was shipped an enormous package in the mail.  The contents was in a cooler of dry ice!  That stuff is cool ( don’t touch with your bare hands unless you wanna get BURNED!).  In the cooler was a very large sample of Amafruits – Naturally organic, wild-grown acai fruit pulps & purees now available in convenient frozen smoothie packs.  They come in 2 varieties :

Açaí Pure & Unsweetened and

Açaí Energy Mix with Guarana

I love this product!! All you have to do is run the unopened package under warm water for 30 seconds to 1 minute to thaw and that’s it!

From the website:

The three main functional benefits of açaí are its:

  • Antioxidant properties,
  • Concentration of omega-6 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, and
  • Profile of energy release to the consumer.

Just a few of the many benefits of Guarana:

  • To increase energy and stamina
  • To relieve headaches and PMS
  • To suppress appetite
  • To stimulate metabolism
  • To act as a mild antidepressant
  • To fight free radicals with antioxidant properties
  • To reduce localized fats
  • To treat diarrhea
  • To help arthritis

No wonder these are described as SUPER fruits!

I have been making my green smoothies with my thawed packs of Amafruits.  I have come up with some tasty concoctions.  I like to mix in spinach coconut milk and sometimes a little bit of almond butter.  Granted, my smoothie turns into more of a purple smoothie instead of green, but purple is my favorite color! I liked to start my morning with a refreshing smoothie before teaching a spin class.  I don’t like to eat too much or anything too heavy before exercise so this was a great choice for me.  And not to mention a post – exercise fuel.  Sometimes after a long session of exercise; eating is the last thing on my mind (weird, but true), but the Amafruits was my first pick because I know I had to eat and it was delicious and nutritious!

Amafruits website is full of information on this product.  The nutrition ( low calories, high fiber, omega rich etc) alone is amazing!  A ton of amazing recipes and  you can order online as well if your store does not carry this product ( they should!!)  I recommend Amafruits Acai Fruit Purees!




2 thoughts on “Tuesday continued and a Review

  1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. Can you please tell me a bit more about your 110? Does it show you your pace when you are running? Thank you so much. I’m wondering why the 110 looks more expensive than the 205 (the one I lost). I’ll be back with a better comment when my kids are not hanging on me. 🙂

    • 🙂
      Hey Amanda! The 110 does show pace and distance while running. You have the choice of getting the HR monitor as well. It’s very simple. For some it’s too simple! It does not have all the bells and whisltes that I thought I needed wanted! I usually get all the bells and whistles, but never take the time to figure out how to use them.
      I don’t really have any complaints. I use the HR monitor. The GPS has a calorie computation based on HR…you can only find out your calorie burn after the workout it over. That used to annoy me, but not so much anymore! 😉

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