Random stuff

Just some funny/not so funny/ things that happened this week that are hard to fit in a regular posting. Bullet style.

  • Amara’s mileage club started this week at school. She could not believe the kids don’t know what it means to pace yourself. ” Some of the kids just take off sprinting and then have to stop. (insert eye roll)  I mean, if they slow down, then they won’t have to stop”. ( this is sooo my child).
  • I found out that eating scrambled eggs while driving is not such a great idea. Noted.
  • Miles has been on a naughty streak this week –coloring on the wall with marker, squirting tooth paste on the bath toys and accidentally putting a clock and a flash light under his pillow. I asked him if he knew what accidentally meant…he told me no and then asked if he could keep the things under his pillow while he napped. Umm–NO!
  • Our chocolate lab goes nuts over squirrels…he never catches one…he just wants to bark and play. Well, we think he finally got one and it was not a pretty sight. I did not see it, but don’t worry, Amara reenacted what a dead squirrel looks like for me.  Whew.
  • Poor Matt has been having headaches for a few weeks. His wisdom teeth have decided to make an appearance!  He’s 32.
  • We celebrated my dad’s 71st birthday with a dinner of bear steaks.  Kind of gamey, but I ate it. Roar. I ain’t scared.

The End


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