Impromptu run…

I had plans of running earlier today.  My early was more like 5:30 pm and not 9:45 am!  My running club’s workout is a 1 mile time trial at 6:30 pm. Because I am running a half marathon this Sunday, my workout is different.  I have to run 4 miles at race pace.  Andi coerced talked me into meeting her at the gym at 9:30 am.  I got there at 9:35…..ooops!

I am not sure of my exact splits ( can you believe I still ran??)  I did not have time to wait for my Garmin to reset.  Oh well.  I actually did not combust from not knowing.  It was kind of nice.  Well, I did have Andi telling me every once in a while what our pace was….   I am also unsure of what my race pace will be on Sunday…until the race is over; because you see, I can not see the future when it comes to running.  I can predict most other things, but not my races.  Andi set her Garmin for a race pace of 8:40.

Warm up : 1.3 miles (12:12)

Mile 1~ 8:35  ( we had moments of 8:00 pace.  We are soooo cocky)

Mile 2~ 8:38 ( stopped to pee illegally in public) ( I was following Andi’s lead after the warm up)

Mile 3~ 8:36 ( stopped because my vocal cords decided to talk to me.  So lame and unexpected, but hey…thanks for waiting Andi, and for the stick)

Mile 4~8:46  ( Done!)

My cool down was a run/jog/walk kind of thing.  Andi’s was a sprint back to the Y so I am not late getting my son from school kind of thing.  Peace out Andi!  I think her pace was 7:45!

8:30 pace with a goal of 8:40 pace.

So too shabby.  I felt ok.  Not the greatest, but I am glad we did this.  Another thing is that my Avg. HR was 162.  According to my most resent test I will should be able to sustain a 168 avg for the race.  Soooo, that means I should be able to pick it up a bit.  Not too much though!

I am not sure what I am doing as far as running goes for the rest of the week, but I might run more time…either Thursday or even early Saturday morning.  Who knows?

I taught Healthy Minds class today at noon.  It was a pure cardio today.  Next week they might not know what hit them.  Outdoor Boot camp is in the works!  I did give them a heads up. I hope they still show up!

Well I am off to teach Cardio Sculpt. I like to get there early and sit in the parking lot with my music on and make up the class!  I don’t feel it’s procrastinating.  I come up with some of my best classes this way!

Have a great Tuesday.


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