Healthy Monday!

Everyone is HEALTHY  this fine Monday.  I sent Amara off to school in her brand new Justin Bieber shirt.  Ha.  Her tummy feels better, but she is just super tired.  Matt feels better too (now).  Miles and I are doing alright as well.  I am still just waiting for my luck to run out (paranoid much??).  I got an email today letting me know that my half marathon is in 1 week, come rain or come shine!  Woohoo!

10 am spin today.  I did 2 interval sets at 10 minutes apiece with a 1 minute recovery.  The first 5 minutes was speed and the last 5 minutes was strength.  The 3rd interval set was about 11.5 minutes and included extra strength and ended with a 30 second sprint.  I think this class went over well.  It was actually a lot harder than I originally thought after planning.  I thought today’s class was going to end up a bit easier than normal (which was OK, I like to vary my level of difficulty…).  Nope.  It was hard. I might repeat it this Friday morning.  My average HR was 155 and it peaked at 173 today.  I kinda felt like throwing up ad of course thought it was me getting the Germies.  I think I just pushed myself a bit too hard.

I had a great green smoothie breakfast: pumpkin, coconut milk, cinnamon, and spinach.  Due to the pumpkin shortage I have been missing my thick smoothies!  Since going Paleo I don’t use Greek yogurt in my smoothies anymore, so they are kind of liquidy.  They are still good, but I like them thicker and since I won’t use a banana in them I have just been dealing with it.  I found pumpkin at the grocery store after months.  So what if the can is 29 oz ( over 1 pound of pumpkin in a can!)  It will force me to use it everyday ( maybe 2x/day) before it goes bad! No complaints.  Yum!

Totally Toned was at noon.  It was a small group today, but that did not stop them from working hard!  I think their arms were on fire, but it is tank top season!

I planned on taking a nap when I got home, but here it is 2:45 and I have to leave to pick the girl up from school in about 20 minutes.

Matt says he is fine to participate in Two Strong Training tonight, so I guess it’s on!

*Giveaway ends in about 7 hours! 😉


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