Probably not our best parenting decision, but…….

Ok, so Amara was not over her illness yesterday.  her slumber party was cut short. I went to get her.  End of story. Ok, not really.   Matt and I both felt guilty for allowing her out even though she was not 100%. We felt bad that her Spring Break was ending and this sleep-over had been planned for a loong time.  She was so sad thinking it was not going to happen.   My guilt did not last long though and let me tell you why:

To hear how excited she was to see that I packed a dress in her bag so she could go to a fancy restaurant for dinner (she never mentioned that she did not order anything, because her tummy hurt)

To her the excitement in her voice when she described her manicure and pedicure.  ( never mentioned being really tired)

To hear her describe the dessert she received when all she ordered was plain old ice cream! It came loaded with fruit and a big cookie in a margarita glass!

To witness her lose her lunch and dessert at 12 midnight, but the only thing she said was, ” after I brush my teeth and get my PJ’s on can I show you all the stuff I got today??”  and ” I got to wear the new shirt out of the store!!”  and  ” the people at the nail place were so nice to me”  (never mentioned that she got sick.)

She not once mentioned being tired, sick or anything negative.  She won’t stop talking about Build A Bear, nails, new clothes ( including a Justin Bieber shirt–yikes), shoes and purses.  I know that she will remember her fun day with a great friend ( and co-worker) for a very long time.  So, our moment of a bad parenting choice was out shined by an almost 7-year-old with a great attitude that never once questioned our decision.  It makes me think it was not such a bad decision after all.  She rocks.  She also seems a lot better today.  I think the 85 degree weather helped. 😉

My cool daughter!

Matt is sick now.  He was also sick the last time Amara was sick.  They have some special kind of bond I guess (better him then me!).  I still think I will get sick, but it has not happened yet, so for that, I am thankful.  I felt kind of awful today and was basically waiting for the sickness to take over.  It’s almost 11 PM, so far so great.

I had big plans of doing a cool outdoor workout today at the high school track with bleachers.  Nope.  I drove there and everything.  I even brought my camera and wore my knit capri pants from 4all by Jofit that I have not gotten to wear because it’s been so darn cold!  I was going to put them to the test. I can say that they are flattering since Matt said my butt looked good in them I was not able to do an actual workout in them YET!  Back to that…when I got to the track/bleachers they were being utilized by kids!  I am guessing it was some kind of practice for the school kids. I am not sure why they would have an organized practice on a Sunday at 5:30 pm, but what do I know?!?!  I decided to just go back home and pout.  Not really, I did not have my proper running shoes on to go for a run, and by the time I got home it was dinner etc.  Oh well, I tried.  Maybe next Sunday.  Nope.  Glass City (half) Marathon is NEXT SUNDAY.

I have had a headache practically all day.  Caffeine did not even help it! I held out until almost 4:30 before I drank my Spark.  I felt good, but the headache was still there.  I then tried ibuprofen.  I hate medicating, so you know my head hurt a lot!  It did nothing.  It eventually went away on its own I guess, but not until almost 7 pm.  So I decided to finally prep my Paleo self for the week.   I came across a website –  Paleo Project.  She(Jenna) has a lot of recipes.  I made 2 of them.

Paleo Pancakes and Coconut Butternut Squash Soup The main ingredient for the pancakes are bananas.  I hate bananas.  I hate them.  the texture is just so wrong.  I love banana  bread though.  While these pancake were a bit heavy on the banana flavor I still enjoyed them. I added a bit of coconut flakes and almond flour to the batter- just cuz.   The soup was so so good.  I can’t wait to eat it for lunch and probably dinner tomorrow.  I added curry and will probably add some red pepper flakes to my troth bowl.  I also chopped some bell peppers and squash to be prepared.  I think I fell of my Paleo wagon there for a while.  Not hard-core, but I fell nonetheless.  I was not planning my meals so that was entirely my fault.  Yup, I will take the blame.  Fail to plan, plan to fail.  Duh.

on tap for tomorrow: spin, totally toned. two strong training depending on how Matt is feeling…


*Giveaway ends Monday at 10.  6 entries so far…..   🙂



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