Taper time and right on schedule!

My last “long run” before the race!  I am so glad today was not the race.  My run was, um…kinda awful!  I am not sure if it was the route ( hilly), lack of sleep ( sick kid) or that I was just due for a bad run.  I am very glad to have it out of the way though.  That means that next Sunday will be awesome- right?!?!

mile 1~  my Garmin was not set yet and according to Andi my mile split was way off.  I will just say the first mile was under 9.

mile 2~ 9:31- From the start I knew I was in for it. uh oh.  (hill already)

mile 3~ 9:55 – And so it starts!  (fueled with Gatorade, was not feeling the Gu today)

mile 4~ 9:30 –  Coming off a hill and getting ready for the next one…..

mile 5~ 10: 49 – This was maybe hill number 3.  It was big and I walked. Yep.  Take that hill.

mile 6~ 9:44 –  I am sooo tired and ready to be done.

mile 7~ 10:32- This must be another hill….or I walked again….or I just ran really slowly.

mile 8~ 9:44-  Done.

So there ya have it.  I think the positive things about this run were good company.  Good weather.  Great scenery.  Short run.  Those things actually outweighed the horribleness of the run.  Ready or not Glass City– here I come!

* Amara is out with a friend of mine having a shopping spree, mani/pedi’s and dinner.  She is all better ( we hope!)  Matt is  not feeling the best right now.  Uh oh…hope he is not coming down with what Amara had. Not good.

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