Paleo Update

It’s been a while since I updated.  Yes, I am still following this lifestyle.  Today will be day 24 I think.  I never did an official “weigh in”, but I did get on the scale was March 18th.  I did the whole BIA thing that includes weight, body fat percentage etc.  I plan on doing that again probably next Friday ( 18th) to see if I have had any results.  I can say that I feel I have lost fat.  I carry most of my fat in my stomach and legs.  I can see a different.  I am not sure how significant, but I will take anything.  For the record, Andi had some great results during her “weigh in”.

Overall I still feel great.  I think  lot better than I thought I would.  I was kind of concerned about the whole no refined carb thing since I am an endurance athlete ( most of the time). I don’t feel my performances have been negatively effected by this way of life.  I was majorly convinced by my 14 mile training run and how I felt during and after the run.  I felt fine.  Well, as fine as you would expect one to feel after running 14 miles.

So, I guess I need to figure out if I will be continuing on with this way of life after my 30 days is up.  I need to weigh my pros and cons out of course.

I already know a con or 2.  It’s more expensive and it takes a lot of planning ( more than I want to do all.the.time).  We all know that buying fresh foods and healthy foods costs more than the alternative.

The pros so far are fat loss, energy for my performance and I feel good.  I need to come up with more pros and cons though before I make a final decision.


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