Tuesday~  Well, I took a mental health day.  Kind of.  I had 2 classes to teach and the chance to run.  I taught the classes and choose not to run.  I actually drove to the location to run, but kept on driving.  I ran errands, came home and watched Tangled on TV with the kids.  Sometimes ya just gotta!

Miles went to the doctor’s office yesterday.  I was able to get him an appointment right away.  Unfortunately, I had to work during his visit.  I know that Matt is capable of taking him, but I just wanted to be there.  I was not about to delay his chance to see the doctor though, so I just let it be.  Doc thinks Miles developed an intolerance to lactose when he had the stomach bug about 4 ish weeks ago.  He says it happens to kids Miles’ age after an illness.  He listened to Miles gut and tapped on his belly and concluded that he had lots of gas! Our first step is to eliminate milk from his diet and see how that goes.  I will be so happy if that is the only thing that needs to be done.

I had my alarm set for 4:35 am this morning to see how I felt about getting to the gym and running on the treadmill.  I have been up since about 4:o5 am.  I feel wide awake too.  Off to attempt some miles on the mill…..wish me luck!

On tap for the rest of Wednesday:  Spin and lifting.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday—

  1. Poor Miles! I developed an intolerance to dairy at one point in my adult life too & had to do soy/almond milk for years. I gradually re-introduced it though & I’m fine now. Hope that turns out to be the case for Miles. I’d be sad for him not being able to enjoy ice cream 😉 haha

    • Believe me, he had his last hoorah with ice cream twice last week! ugh..poor kid it was not a pretty sight! 😉
      The first thing he asked for this morning was his milk…. he was happy to get some juice since he is only allowed 1 serving a day usually!
      I think I will try almond and/or rice milk and hope he likes it.

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