Treadmill tempo, spin and lifting stuff…..

I am so over the treadmill.  I need spring weather. Well, I can do without the rain, but the warmer temperatures would be GREAT already.

So anyway, the treadmill this morning was blah.  My workout was to be my tempo pace ( whatever that means…) for 3 miles.  I went into thinking I would do 3-4 miles at a good clip ( that would be my definition of tempo if you were wondering).  My .5 mile warm up felt like a struggle. 9:05 ish pace. Uh oh.

Moving on to mile 1 – 8:16  ( felt ok)

mile 2- 8: 37 ( felt a little less than ok)

mile 3-  Ooops…I took a break and got on the elliptical for 1 mile! haha…die treadmill.

I got my crap together and went for a 3 mile on the treadmill.  8:18 ( I felt ok, I wonder if I can hop on an elliptical during a race!?!?  Hmmmm.)

I did a walk/jog for my 1 mile cool down.  This ended up being 9:00.  Not sure how… maybe it was less than a mile.

So this was not in the plans, but I am still happy I was able to do some fastish paced miles that I skipped yesterday.

I went home to eat breakfast and get myself and the kids ready for the gym.

Spin at 10.  Strength class today.  I had 2 big hills separated by a challenging 2 minute flat road.  There were 32 minutes of hills today.  The class did really well.  There was a 6 minute seated flat that could get annoying, but I think I talked enough ( maybe too much for me), and guided the group over it successfully.   We ended with sprints on a hill of course- 5 of them.  Oh, I forgot to put on my HR monitor strap, so I had to jump off my bike and do that ( because we all know that the workout does not count unless I am all gadgeted up…) and it never recorded anything!  LAME. I am pretty sure I burned at least 900 calories though.  😉

Andi met me after class to lift weights.  It usually turns into us just talking and not really lifting seriously!  That’s cool though. I get distracted with her funny stories and body building poses…… Here is what I did:

Pull Ups ( 3 sets of 4)

Triceps dips on the Bosu (3×12)

Hammer Curls (3×12)

Lateral raises ( 3×12)

Up right rows (3×12)

Well I skipped legs.  Today should be my plethora of lunges.  I might do them later..ha.


Question: What is tempo pace in relation to half marathon training?

On tap for Thursday:  Not a clue!



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