Such a Monday…..

Things were going well this morning.  Both kids slept in ( which was OK by me, but I still had to get them ready to go to work with me) for about 30 extra minutes.  Things took a wrong turn when Miles got sick while eating his breakfast.  Yup.  Another throw up episode.  I am not sure what is wrong with him I am beginning to think it might be something besides the normal stomach flu stuff.  He has been sick every other week for the past 3 weeks. A couple of my friends think it might be allergies or food intolerance to something.  His stomach was totally void of food ( since he thew up at his grandparents house Sunday morning too….he last ate anything solid at lunch time).  For breakfast he had milk, Honey Nut Cheerios and an apple.  maybe he has a gluten allergy/intolerance?  I have no idea.  I intend on calling the doctor first thing tomorrow though to perhaps get him in or at least get some advice.   Thankfully, Matt was able to come home from work.  I must have called him when he was in the parking lot.  He stayed home with Miles while Amara and I headed to the gym for spin at 10.

Intervals galore!  I had 2 repeating intervals.  One was 5.5 minutes in length and the other was 5  minutes long.  Recoveries today were 1-1.5 minutes long.  Spring break has started.  I had a full class (24) and lots of new faces.  It helped me to not think about Miles for just a little while.  I forgot to mention I had a slight breakdown on the way to the Y worrying about him. Yea, I know, I am a baby. He’s fine.  I hate seeing my kids sick or in pain though.  Cut me some slack, I can cry if I wanna.  My last interval was about 7 minutes long just for kicks!

Totally Toned was at noon. I think it was a thorough full body workout. Here are just some of the moves.  2 sets of 10 for everything except for the abdominal work.

Biceps 21’s

Side lunges

1 leg deadlifts

Bridge Lift hold + chest fly

Hamstring curls + pain!

Push ups

Triceps ext.

and a few more goodies; I just can’t remember, and I don’t want to get my notebook out of my bad waaay across the room!

Abs were saved for the end.  The class had a few things to say about the ab work today.  😉

Matt and I skipped Two Strong Training tonight.  We did not want to chance bringing Miles to the Kid Zone if he was still sick/contagious.  I was sad to miss class tonight because I know it was going to be good!

We got our taxes done finally! We brought the kids with us and to my slight amazement, they both behaved even better than expected.  The receptionist even made a comment at how quiet they were being.  Amara brought 2 books in to keep her occupied and Miles was content for a while with his Etch A Sketch.  Amara grew bored and just sat with her arms folded and a slight pout while Miles really did well with containing his need to talk!  I think I only had to use the Evil Eye once on him.  It did the trick.

I tried to rent Tangled from the Redbox, but it’s sold out everywhere.  Amara and I saw it at the movie theater on opening day, but we both ( Miles too) want to see it again.  We really enjoyed it.  I think Mandy Moore did a phenomenal job as Rapunzel.  Hopefully, I can find it before Spring Break is over.

Miles seems fine again.  He was back to his mischievous but comical self by the time we got back from the tax man.

On tap for Tuesday: Healthy Minds class/Cardio Sculpt/ Run!

Have you seen Tangled?  Did you like it?

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