When the mice are away, the cat will play…..

Running! (2009 Grand Rapids Marathon-Old School)

My last longish run before the half marathon was today.  12 miles is actually tapering.  Ugh.  The plan was to run 6 at an easy pace and 6 at race pace.  First let me talk about the route.  I was not expecting too much from myself when I heard we were running the O’Brien/Lake Fennessey route.  Hills.  Hills and more HILLS!  Eeeeek!  This route is very challenging and helpful at the same time.  I had my doubts and just figured I would run 12 miles today and leave it at that.  The weather was practically perfect ( for MI lately.  no snow….it did sprinkle a bit..)  I also had in the back of my mind my “magic” HR number for racing.  I kind of let that go out the window as well.  I will admit that I have major doubts that I could sustain a 166 bpm heart rate for 6 miles let alone 13.1 miles for the race.  It freaks me the heck out. Needless to say my avg. HR today was only 157, a far cry from 166, but hey, I gave what I could today. :-).  I always like to say,  ” Save it for race day!”

mile 1– 9:41  The usual grumblings of the start of a long training run!

mile 2– 9:57  More grumbling…I sped up to get in under 10 minutes!  Oh, the hills already started.  Awesome.

mile 3– 9:19  (fuel somewhere in here -Gatorade). I did not warn Andi of the (some rolling) hills- didn’t want her to fake an illness…  😉

mile 4– 9:25  I feel OK, and am even happy with the splits considering all the hills. I probably did not mention the hills yet in this post.

mile 5– 9:19- (fuel here- Gu and water) This begins the trip around the lake.  Dirt road that of course, has a hill.

mile 6– 9:35 I forgot that we were to pick up the pace here (really).  That’s Ok though, I don’t think I was ready to anyway.  So there.

mile 7– 9:18 (we fueled with just water).  I think we were both contemplating speeding up, but mums the word apparently! 😉

mile 8– 9:09 Here we go!  We are picking up the pace again.  I feel mostly good about this.  I just had to relax and just RUN and not think.

mile 9– 8:30 I am practicing running hard/strong up the hills now.  I was told on Thursday that I need to do that more- today was the day I guess.

mile 10– 8:06 (fueled at the end of 9 miles -Gatorade and water).  This hill was at least .25 miles in length.  I tried to make it in under 8 minutes. dang, so close!  More rolling hills please and thanks.

mile 11– 8:07 Flat terrain until the end!

mile 12– 8:45  I had to run around a parking lot to get my whole 12 miles in.  I used it as kind of a cool down.  It started to rain as soon as I got in my car!  Nice!

Total Time: 1:49:11

Avg mile pace: 9:06

I think today was a successful training run.  I can’t wait until next week when I am only running 8 miles!!!


Since I was not tired enough from my long run ( sarcasm) I decided to take the 1 hour power spin class taught by Andi.  I have not been to her spin class in ages!  Great class- I am not sure why she had so many hills in today’s ride.  Maybe I should have warned her about O’Brien.  Lesson learned.  I guess I still needed some work done…..  on to hot yoga at 12:30!  I just can’t get enough of that Funky Buddha.  Two days in a row.  What the heck was I thinking?!?!!  I was thinking that I need hot yoga- that’s what!  It was taught by a friend of mine.  I have been wanting to get to her class, but the stars were not aligning for me.  The stars were all lined up today.  I would like to thank her for adjusting my posture for a “more better” frog.  Ribbit, ribbibt- that stuff hurt so GOOD.  All she did was scooch my hips back- just a small thing that produced much pain relief, a great hip opener for runner’s indeed.


I guess Andi and I had enough activity for the day and besides that we were starving.  Yes, we ate something between exercise sessions, but not full meals since we were pretty much active from 8 am until after 1 pm.  We hit up a cool place called Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop.  The Basil Havarti soup and specialty grilled cheese sandwich were heavenly.  I am sure I could have been eating cardboard with peanut butter on it though- I was that hungry.  After stuffing my face I tried to take a nap without any luck.

So how am I able to do all of these things today??  Matt and the kids are on Spring Break at his patents until Sunday.  Is it wrong that that makes me happy?  Nope.  Matt is great about doing this every so often.  It’s a win – win really.  The kids can hang with grandma and grandpa, Matt can see them too, and Matt can go fishing/hunting with his buddies.  I do appreciate that he does this so I can have my cardio marathon while he is away. I really know how to party.

On tap for Sunday:  Not sure yet.  Something though; because I MUST take advantage of the time alone!!!  🙂


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