*Friday* Spring Break!!!!!

My alarm was set for 4:20 am this morning.  Who needs alarms when you have your own 3.5 year old letting you know that it’s time for him to go #2???   Really?? Now???  Yep.  Now.  I sent him to do his business, half expecting it to be a false alarm.  No such luck.  He came back in 5 minutes asking me to come and sit with him, so I knew he was for real.  I parked myself on the edge of the tub while he did the do (do).  It’s safe to assume that I did not fall back asleep.  The joys of motherhood!   *yawn*.

My personal alarm clock

Off to spin class I go.  You might think I left my house early since I was up an hour early.  Nope.  I tweaked Wednesday’s race day class to include a recovery after each interval.  I used the same playlist though.  Well, almost the same.  I forgot to turn the shuffle off so there was 2 cool down songs thrown in the middle.  I just skipped those songs and all was right with spin class.  After spin I hopped on the elliptical to round out my cardio session for an additional 15 minutes.  I had high hopes of doing 15 minutes of core work, but I did 7.5 instead.  Close enough!

It included:

Hip circles ( 30 seconds each direction-OUCH)

Basic crunches + slight pelvic tilt ( loose glutes style)

Planks (3/45 seconds)

Plank Ups

I think that was it.  My abs were on fire, which is good.  I hate working abs.

That’s it for now.  Amara’s Spring Break started today.  The kids are still in pajama’s.  I look as if I am.  It’s my everyday attire- workout clothes.  Awesome.    She and Miles are busy making a Kid’s Carnival.  This ought to be good!  Hopefully the April’s Fools jokes not on me- I am allowing her to take water color paint up to her room to paint a Bean Bag Toss box.

She will never go on Spring Break. Unless I go with her! 😉

On tap for tomorrow:  Run! Spin! HOT Yoga!  🙂

What are your weekend workout plans?


2 thoughts on “*Friday* Spring Break!!!!!

  1. Run, spin AND hot yoga? I don’t know how you do it! I’m signed up for the 10:45 hot yoga class tomorrow….maybe I’ll see you there?

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