Tuesday-Issues. Wednesday- Spin, lift and lunges!

Tuesday~  I wanted to post last night, but I couldn’t didn’t…read on to find out why!
I taught 2 classes on this day.  Healthy Bodies and Cardio Sculpt.   The short version of both classes.  I stepped it up a notch and had those ladies working HARD!  I borrowed some stuff from Monday nights Two Strong Training class on Monday night!  The laps around the track business.  I had them do burpees instead of walking lunges. I know, I am nice.  🙂   After that we ventured up to do a little circuit on the weight machines…. while some did that the others did walking lunges around the 2nd floor.   5 minutes of straight core/abs and stretching and that was it!  I think they were surprised at the tough workout, but a lot were surprise that they could actually do it..and live to tell about it!  Proud of those women!

Cardio Sculpt~  Ciruit training day.  I set up 11 stations.  I meant to set up 10, but I was never good at math so 11 it is!  It included caridio and weights for 30 second incruments.  After a full circuit the ladies picked up a weight and hit the stairs for some fun.  We moved on to abs for 2 mintues and repeated everything for a total of 3 rounds.  Whew.  My non-sweating lady was pouring buckets.  She was proud of that sweat she earrned.  I also found out that she ran the Irish Jig.  Her first 5k.  She’s hooked!  😉

RunGr~ Ok so here is where the fun began for me.  Or maybe it was the opposite of fun?!?!  I forget, it was soooo long ago.  8x 800 at interval pace.  For me, interval pace was about 7:45 per mile…   2 mile warm up and then the fun started.

I did 800’s, but it’s easier to just post the mile time pace!

mile 1- 7:27

mile 2- 7:35

mile 3- 7:40

mile 3.5- 9:02/pace  I was done, and this was my cool down!

Ok so I started off fine….. then it went down hill. I thought I was going to heave.  It was more of a sick feeling and not the feeling because I was working very hard.  I was working very hard, but there is a difference in that feeling in your stomach.  I was done by mile 2.5.  I took more recovery then I was supposed to ( 3 minutes) and  I never really felt better.  I Hoped the feeling would pass and it never did.  I never chucked, but still.  I got home and did not feel like eating, although I know I needed to.  I ate after about an hour..some non Paleo friendly rice chips , but they were gluten and wheat free!  😉  I figured if I threw them up later I would not be to upset at not wanting to eat them for a long time ( tuna anyone?- Its been over 2 years and I still cringe at the smell..)  So anyway I had some chips and tea and was in bed around 11:30pm. I guess I could have blogged last night, but I did not want to move and stir anything up….  I went to bed still feeling crummy and knew for a fact that I would probably be making a dash for the toilet by 3 am ( Remember all the sickness i my house?  I was next in line).  Thankfully, the only thing that woke me up was this guy:

So glad to wake up to this face!




and that was at 7 am.  I was greeted with a morning breath kiss and a ” Good morning mom, can I waked up now??”    🙂   Illness averted ( for now).

Spin at 10.  Race day!!!  Woah!  Good turn out, even for a race day!  I think because I give a warning some people don’t even bother.   You don’t have to race..I won’t call you out either!  I burned almost 115 more calories than my average on a non-race day. That mush explain my double helping of lunch ( for real-yummy!). I was starving!!

I actually attempetd to get on the elliptical for 15 minutes to cool down further.  I lasted 5 minutes.  I did lift though.  There was one 15 lbs body bar in the upper pool deck.  I did 3 sets of 15 reps becuase it was a light weight.

Biceps Curl

Lat pull down

1 arm row

Up right row

push ups

I finished it up with 80 lunges.  I think I missed last week??  I was afraid of the 14 miler, so I took it easy on my legs.  I only run 12 this weekend so I should be good ( ha ha!)  20 lunges per leg in each set.

20 forward alternating

20 reverse alternating

20 walking lunges

20 side lunges

These were all weightless.  Since I weigh more than the 15 lbs body bar, I think it’s ok.  😉

That’s all for me.  DOn’t forget the Skort Giveaway and Discount!

Don’t forget my new FB page!

On tap for tomorrow:  My re-test for the treadmill!!

Question: What workout makes you want to eat 2 lunches in a row?


2 thoughts on “Tuesday-Issues. Wednesday- Spin, lift and lunges!

  1. my stomach has been off for two days now!!! something MUST be going around. I hate not feeling 100%! I have taken a couple days off because of this…I am hoping I can get in a good workout tonight!

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