Monday night– getting my workout on!

Monday night ~ 2 Strong Training.  It’s 11 pm and I am sore from the 6:45 pm class…uh oh!  Tomorrow should be fantastic!

A small recap of what we did.

Warm up:  1 lap around track, 20 walking lunges, 10 squats, 5 push ups x3 ( warm up?!?!) ha ha!

Squat, jump up and squat again- step down. REPEAT!

Circuit 1

TRX row or Pull ups

Wall balls

Kettle bell swings

Box Jumps ( I impressed Matt by using the tall box!  πŸ˜‰ He never knew I had such ups!

Carry a heavy weight up 4 flights of steps

Circuit 2

Push ups

FULL sit ups


Both circuits were performed 3 times through..the only thing that changed was the number of reps.  The first circuit increased with each set and the 2nd circuit decreased in reps.  It was challenging.  That’s not all folks.

3 rounds:

plank with knee ins

monutain climbers

squat thursts

ended with some yoga and stretching.

Now you might understand why I am sore!!

I love workouts like this.  It’s a way to push myself as I would never do on my own.  I love getting new ideas to incorporate in my own classes as well.  I already have ideas brewing for tomorrows classes!

What’s your favorite plyometric move such as the Box Jump or Squat thrust? I would say I love squat jumps and lunge jumps.

On tap for Tuesday: Teaching 2 classes and Running!

* 20 sleeps until the Glass City Half Marathon!*


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3 thoughts on “Monday night– getting my workout on!

  1. I’ve been all about “box” jumps lately. Except we don’t have boxes at my gym, so I started with the bench and have progressed to the big steps in the pool observation room. They come up to well above my knees. Is that high? It is when you’re only 5’4″!!!

    I’ve also been loving iso-explosive squats, where you squat low, hold for 5 seconds, jump up as high as you can and then land in low squat, hold again, jump again, etc.

    But my absolute fave is throwing some weight plates on the floor and pushing them in bear-crawl position. I was using 25s until the trainer challenged me yesterday to try 45s and I discovered that I could do it. AND IT BURNS!

    I am so happy I added plyos to my routines!

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