Saturday 14 miles of SUCCESS!! (time to taper…eeeek!)

What a cold morning it was.  I have about had it with the cold.  Bring on the sunshine please!  I am very glad I decided to put on that extra layer.  I wish I would have put on my windbreaker instead of my vest..brrrrr!    Hopefully this will have the last weekend that I will have to dress like an Eskimo during my long run.  ( I will try to ignore the snow in the forecast for Wed.) On to the run……..

Miles 1-2 (9:35 and 9:36 ) Consistent!  I felt so cold and was kind of bloated and worrying about how the run was going to go

Miles 3-4 (9:15 and 9:16)  Consistent!  I felt a bit better than the first few miles.  I aleady know I need a bit to warm up for a long run. (fuel-Gatorade)

Mile 5-6 (9:34 and 9:29) Consistent-mostly! I felt really good finally.  (fuel-some Gu and water)

Mile 7-8 (9:45 and 9:17) Inconsistent!  The turn around was at mile 7, there was fuel(Gatorade) again at mile 8.  I had some, because the less than half Lemon Lime Gu that I had at mile 6 was not doing me any good.  It was too nasty to finish.  I like the chocolate flavors the best.

Miles 9-10 (9:20 and 9:22) Consistent!  Potty break.  After this I was happy to only have 4 more, but felt it hard to get moving again…..

Miles 11-12 (9:31 and 9:33) Consistency!  Ugh. I was hurting…but so close to the end.  I felt like blah.

Miles 13-14 (8:55 and 8:13) Inconsistent!  Sub 9’s for the last 2 miles!  We ( Andi and I) tend to finish strong for some odd reason…ha. It was fun.  I felt relaxed and energized.

Distance: 14.02 miles

Avg Pace:  9:19 ( 2 seconds slower than my first 14 miler, but I ran .02 longer…so we will just call it a tie.) 🙂

Time: 2:11

This was probably my most consistent run in a long time.  I did not even try.  That is most likely why it was consistent!  I had no breathing problems unless you count losing my breath while talking too much!

On tap for Sunday: No clue

What is your favorite Gu like gel flavor?

What is your least?

Ewwww gross!


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