Friday– Early morning spin for the die hard early crew.  I repeated the speed intervals from Wednesdays class.  I changed the order of events so it was slightly altered, but still the same.  After Spin I hopped on the elliptical for about 15 minutes.  It was not quite a cool down on the elliptical! After that I did core for about 20 minutes or so.

Plank ups (10/side)

crunches 25

3 sets

Standing figure eights (15)

Standing core circles (10/each direction)

3 sets

plank hold (75 seconds)

Not too bad today.  I was done by 7 am!  Nice.

Today was wacky hair day for Amara.  I know her hair is already wacky unique so I had to come up with something that was wacky enough for her, but safe enough for me ( meaning it would not be a bird’s nest when she got home).  Lots of pony tails + much of her extensive collection of barrettes = happy, wacky haired Amara.

Wacky Hair Day

I usually get home and get Amara ready for school and then feed Miles before I lay on the couch and rest my eyes.  I might fall asleep for 30 second intervals.  Miles has to explain everything that happens on Jake and the Never Land Pirates, so there is no time for actual sleep.  Today, we were out of the door by 9:10 am and headed to the Grand Rapids Children Museum.  We met a friend there for some educational play!  Miles was a little slow to warm up, but when he did he had a really good time. here were huge bubbles, magnets, a huge light bright toy and lots more.  We played for almost 1.5 hours, but my parking meter was up and I used all my change, so home we went!

Miles having a ball looking in the fun house mirror



After school we did the usual, read books, played a bit and ate dinner.  Matt and I drop the kids off at my dads on most Friday’s for a few hours so we can run some errands and so my dad can hang with the kids.  I had $ to spend ( gift card from Christmas) at Dunham’s and I found these:

My new kicks!

I have needed( yes..NEEDED)  cross trainer for years.  Finally!  I wear old running shoes to teach in and I know better.  With all the side to side motion and jumping and all that jazz I should have an injury by now ( knocking wood).  I can’t wait to test them out!

On tap for Saturday: 14 big ones!

Do you wear cross trainers?


2 thoughts on “Funday

  1. I almost went to the Children’s Museum with Adam today! I snagged the Groupon a while ago and thought today would be a good day to use it since I didn’t have daycare, but decided against it when I realized that I was going to be short on time.

    • It was fun, but busy! Apparently 9:30-10 am is the perfect time to go on a Friday…I guess the bus loads of little school aged kids had the same idea! 😉

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