Matt was feeling better yesterday….not so much this morning!  I was on duty to take Amara to school this morning.  Since I was out and close I stopped at the grocery store to pick up 3 items.  $40 and 16 items later I was at home.  I had yet to eat, dress, feed the boy and dress him.  There was not going to be a trip to the gym today. Noooooo!!!   My last run was Sunday!!!  I wanted to get some miles in before tackling 14 on Saturday.  Leave it to Matt to choose to get sick on both of my running days.  The nerve!  😉  I just get abit stir crazy without exercise.  Well, only when I had it in my head that I was going to..that makes me nutso.  As much as I would love to do something in the comfort of my own cramped living room, well; there is nothing comforting about shaking the pictures on the walls, stepping over a 75 lb dog and slipping on Hot Wheelz.  Sign me up.  Please.  Every time I attempt an at home cardio jam, I end it frustrated, so I decided not to even go there today.  I spent the morning chopping veggies, and cooking and baking stuff.  Might as well right??  Note to self:  The food processor will puree your bell pepper if you whizz it for 25 seconds and not 20.  Noted.

So I was reading the newest SHAPE magazine last night and Vanessa Hudgens is on the cover.  While she is not my idol or anything I will admit I was impressed by her workout and how heavy she lifts!  She lifts 50 lbs kettle bells and tosses tractor tires for her workouts! I get way too many fitness magazines and Matt and I are always amazed at the cover models that are chosen.I (I think SHAPE shows more fit bodies though).  In our ( I think I can speak for him here) opinion, they are either, too skinny, too soft or both ( skinny fat).  Not that I can tell by looking at them how much muscle they have, but still.  If the title of the magazine is Fitness or SHAPE I think they should have a person on the cover that looks fit or is on their way to getting fit not just a pretty face.   Just my little rant of the day.  I hope that does not sound too bad, but hey.

Off to make some almond flour pancakes, pick up Amara,  eat some dinner and head to dance class!!

On tap for Friday:  Spin and core

Any thoughts on some of the models used for fitness related magazine covers/stories?


4 thoughts on “Thursday-

  1. I am the same exact way when it comes to my workouts! When I have a plan in mind or a schedule to follow, I get really bent out of shape when it is messed with!! If I can’t get out for a run, I definitely am crazy enough to find somewhere in the house to do something!

    • I have so many DVD/VHS exercise tapes, but no where to do them. I also have Comcast that has FREE Exercise TV..with over 100 workouts…..I need a woman cave so I can workout! 🙂

    • Sometimes the women inside the mags seem a bit more buff, but I do notice they just lube them up to make them appear a bit more fit! Cheaters! 🙂
      Ugh…I am going craaazy in this house! 🙂 I wish I taught a class on Thursday, but it’s my one day off that I can do whatever! ha ha…

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