Wednesday- hanging out with my buddies!

I woke up this morning to a lot of ice on the cars.  There was not a lot of ice on the roads though.  I did not even think for a minute that Amara would not have school today.  Wrong!  Too bad I found out after Matt drove her to school!  Oooops! The school called us ( as usual) when school is closed.  I never checked the machine for a message.  I am used to snow days not ice days that are not really ice days!  I took both kids to work with me today.  Amara was happy to see many of her schoolmates at the gym too.  Not to mention the YMCA staff that has really been apart of her life since she was 1 year old.  They rarely see her now that she is in the first grade and is at school all day.  Hugs all around!  It’s always an exciting time for all when both of my kiddos get to see their Y family.  I sometimes forget that they have known my kids since they were born ( and before!).

Spin class at 10.  Today was speed drill day.  I had a good sized class with 20 people.  There were a lot of faces that I recognized, but they had taken a hiatus from my class!  Ha.  They are the hard core crew of runner’s cyclist and triathletes.  They normally are outside doing their thing while my class is being held.  I guess even the hard core don’t need to be out in the sleet and cold!  I was glad I had a harder class planned today lots of speed today with equal recovery.  The equal recovery was cut in half during the last 12 minutes of class though.  Good stuff!  Next Wednesday will be Race Day! I hope I am ready!

After spin I attempted to lift.  Here is what I accomplished:

Lat Pull Down mixed grip



Shoulder press

Plie Squat


Chest press



Ha!  2 x 10 for most.  Upper body was heavy weights, lower body was light today.  No rhyme or reason- just cuz.

My partially done last set was due to an interruption.  It was OK though.  A fellow employee and friend will be leaving the Y in 3 weeks so I was OK with not telling him to “beat it” so I could finish my workout!  After gabbing with him for almost 30 minutes it was time to rustle up the kids.  We ended up staying at the Y waaay later than usual visiting with friends and staff.  Lunch was served late, nap was skipped and nails were painted while we watched Chopped on TV.  Nice Wednesday!

I better wrap this up.  I have to train a client in 35 minutes!

On tap for Thursday: Run?

My buddies


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