Another one bites the dust ( Germies invade-again)

So it was Matt’s turn to get sick.  Uh oh, I am most likely next in line.  Say it ain’t so!!!  I am hoping it holds off until after I run my 14 miles on Saturday…..

Please don't breath on me....or look at me!

Healthy Minds class at noon today.  Today was the 2nd 1 mile time trial. Most of the ladies improved!!  Some did not, they were not feeling it today.  We all have our “off days”, so I totally understand.  My super star momma ran a sub 9 minute mile!!  She was sooo happy ( so was I).  I think they will do this 1 mile trail at least once more, perhaps twice more!  After that we went though a fast series of lower body exercises, push ups and core.  We crammed a lot of stuff in 12 minutes!

Cardio Scuplt.  I had a participant right down a class I instructed over a month ago.  She wanted to do it again.  She said her arms were shaking so she knew it was a good one!   Her wish was my command…plus more!  😉   She and the rest of the class were practically cursing me out ( although I blamed the suggester!) at 15 minutes in!  They stuck it out and even survived.

Burpee + lunge ( don’t ask!)

Jump rope

push ups

mountain climbers


First round, 30 seconds round 2= 45 seconds round 3= 60 seconds.

Between rounds:

medium sized weights 10 reps

biceps curl

shoulder press

lateral raise

triceps dip off ball

Heavier weights 5 reps

repeat the weights portion.

Whew!  It went by fast, but it was pretty tough.

Class ended with 2 rounds of core/ab work and a final stretch.

No running for me tonight ( sad face).  I had to get home to tend to the sicky.  Actually, I left his sick butt alone.  I had to get the kids fed and bathed etc.  I thought about getting up early and going to the gym, but come on, it’s 11:30 PM already.  I somehow think I am still going to make it up, but really know that I most likely won’t.  CRAP!

I better get to bed…even though it is still thunder storming.  I mean raining.  I mean hailing and sleeting.  Whatever is happening out there is loud.

On tap for Wednesday:  Don’t get sick, spin at 10……


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