Monday Madness……

Monday morning spin was good, so I was told!  I could not et my HR up.  I tried and tried, but it was not happening today.  I am not sure what the problem was.  We did an interval pyramid.  Well it was kind of a pyramid, we went up, but did not really go down.  Is that still considered a pyramid?  It was today!  It was an add on pyramid, so I guess we did go back down during the last interval set.  Not that any of this makes any sense to anyone.  I am just rambling…moving on.

Totally Toned was at 12 noon.  I set up a circuit, which is what I try to do during the mid way point.  There are 8 weeks of class and today was class 4.  I always put out 10 stations and today of all days, 10 people showed up!  I usually love a packed  class, but it was close quarters today.  Between the circuits there was abs/core for about 2 minutes.  The class performed 4 rounds.

Two Strong Training was at 6:45pm.  Great session tonight.  After the warm up on the track we got to work.  Circuits!  They were tough.  The stations were 30 seconds each.  Some of the exercises includes:  push ups, box jumps, ball slams, jump rope, kettle  bell swings and TRX rows.  Good stuff!  We did some yoga at the end.  A very well rounded class was put on tonight!  I will most likely be sore tomorrow and Wednesday.  (yay)

In other events.  Amara lost her tooth Saturday night.  She has been working on that tooth for weeks and weeks it seems.  She looked like a vampire.  I have the pictures to prove it, but they are kind of disturbing.  I will only share the clean mouth pictures.  ðŸ™‚  The Tooth Fairy brought her one dollar.  The Tooth Fairy had a hard time trying to find the tooth.  Amara sleeps with 2 Pillow Pets and a regular pillow.  She almost woke up a few times while she ( Tooth Fairy) was searching for the tooth!

***I also received something quite sassy in the mail today from 4all by Jofit.  I will have a review and giveaway soon!

On tap for Tuesday:  Healthy Minds/Bodies class, Cardio Sculpt and running.

Oh, I posted this beautiful quote on facebook today.  NO I AM NOT PREGNANT.  I just loved the quote. (Thanks Deana!)  You should see all the comments I have!!  Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. -Elizabeth Stone



2 thoughts on “Monday Madness……

    • I agree!! Thankfully Amara has pulled her teeth out on her own! I advised her to not let granddad ( my dad) wiggle any of her teeth– he is 70 years old but still up to his old tricks! 🙂

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