4 non- junk miles, and do opposites really attract??

To run or not to run?? That was the question.  There was rain in the forecast, plus an overly busy morning.  I took both kids to go grocery shopping with me today.  Not a fan of doing that.  I know it’s not any kind of fun for them.  It was either take them with me in the morning or go by myself at night when all the food is gone! I am not lying.  Whenever I go after 7pm on Sunday, all the good stuff is gone.  Both kids were on their best behavior- lucky for them.  Miles was just in a dancing mood.  That is most difficult while seated in the cart and strapped in!  Somehow he still managed a shimmy here and there.  After groceries were home and half put away I had to make lunch for us all and then decide if I was going to run or go to the gym or take a nap.  I decided to run at the gym.  Yup, on the dreadmill treadmill.  I managed 4 whole miles!  I warmed up on the elliptical for a mile and also cooled down on it for about a mile.  I had no plan today.  I really hoped to run 6, but who are we kidding?  I got in 4!

Mile 1~  9:17 I felt fine.  I thought my allergies would make me feel crappy but just the opposite ( more on that later)

Mile 2~  9:35 I wanted consistent splits, but I was nice and helped the girls next to me turn on their mills.  I had to get off of mine for a few seconds.  I am so nice.  🙂

Mile 3~  9:10 Much better.  I am finally feeling in the groove of things.

Mile 4~  8:19  Really ready to be done!  Hurry up already!

I am glad I got some miles in.  I won’t even call them junk miles today.  I felt strong and good about them!  My allergies are still at their peek.  I felt pretty awful before my workout.  I sometimes compare having allergies to being pregnant.  During the first 3 months of pregnancy I had all day sickness.  No barfs, just that nausea that I love.  The only time I felt good was while exercising or eating.  2 of my most favorite things in the world of course. I would feel so sick and then I would hop on the spin bike, elliptical or teach a cardio based class and I would forget that I was nauseas within the first 5 minutes! Well the same goes for my allergies.  Today I was fine after the warm up.  I could breath (a big PLUS) and I was not coughing or sneezing up some lungs (another bonus).  I probably would have run 1-2 more miles but I was on a time limit.  It never fails either, as soon as the exercise is done; my nose got all stuffed up and my head all foggy.  Awesome!

I did not add yesterday that Matt and Andi both ran the 5k Jig!! ( I didn’t forget, I wanted to wait until today..really).  It was Andi’s second official race ever as a grownup- she did awesome.  She, too hated every minute of it, but afterwards was scouring the internet for the next 5k!  Yep, we are nuts!

This was one of the few times Matt was able to run a race by himself.  He usually runs 5k’s with family members: Amara, his sister and his sister in law.  He got his PR too!  His sports of choice do not include running.  He is a baller and a fly fisherman!  My eyes glaze over when basketball is on TV ( March Madness anyone– snooze fest!!), and while I try to share in the excitement of all things fishing, but,  well, let’s not go there.  I am glad he has a hobby that he LOVES, just as I do.  It could be worse!  😉  He comes out to some of my races and also races with family in the 5k’s while I do the longer distances.  I try to play basketball with him, but he cannot compete with my mad skills.  I love to foul, double dribble ( is that what they call it??) and “drive the lane”.  When I beat him it’s mostly because he is laughing so hard at my mad game that he can’t concentrate.  I used to fish with him for his birthday BK ( Before Kids), but he totally took advantage of that and had me on 8 hour fly fishing excursions.  I was done at 1 hour in 2 hours tops!  I still have flash backs…….  Even though we have such opposite hobbies, we have figured out how to balance them between us and also involve the kids.  They both love to run and to hunt and fish.  I am trying to make the hunting and fishing thing “dad’s special time” with the kids, but I might start to join in the fishing fun ( maybe..) more.  Not so much the hunting thing….


Moving on…after the gym today I had my client.  She is a lot of fun and works very hard.  She does what I tell her to do..and I like that.  🙂  Dinner and then lights out for the kids. that is until the thunderstorms rolled in.  Miles was up and when I peeked in on Amara- she was wide awake and looking scared!  I left her in bed and she was soon fast asleep.







On tap for Monday: Spin and Two Strong Training

Question:  Do you and your significant other have way different hobbies?  How is that going for ya?


4 thoughts on “4 non- junk miles, and do opposites really attract??

    • Thanks Caree……me too! I am ok on the treadmill when it’s in the middle of winter, but yesterday was the first day of spring. I was not feeling the tread OR the freezing rain!

  1. Great blog! You and your hubby sound like my hubby and me… BK I used to go fishing with him, ahhh so romantic and I was ga ga over him. Now not a chance. he’ll take the kids, I’ll watch. He goes fishing in the early morning and I’ll run in the afternoons- it all works. I think you just have to keep the lines of communication open so no one parent feels slighted- and resentful of the other doing what they love. Opposites do attract for sure!

    • Thanks Dee-na! People mispronounce my name all.the.time too! 🙂
      I totally agree..I run in the morning and he does his thing later or on the next day. It usually works out and when it doesn’t…I get to run! 😉

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