Paleo Day 5- The weekend edition!

Usually weekends are “looser” with eating than the rest of the week in our household.  Oh, and the weekend sometimes begins on Friday.  🙂  While following Paleo for Athletes you are given 2 “off” meals a week.  You should eat well all day except for one meal you can eat whatever.  This weekend I planned on going with the flow and just going by how I felt.  I did not feel like veering so far!  The family ate take out pizza and bread sticks on Friday.  No thanks.  I ate spaghetti squash and sauce, chicken and something green ( I forget what) what for dinner.  Saturday I made homemade pizza and did not have any.  I did not want it.  I had 2 opportunities for one of the best foods in the world ( my homemade pizza is pretty damn good) and I did not feel the need.  I am not sure why.  I don’t think I will screw things up, I just did not want them.


B~ 2 eggs with spinach, 1/2 an apple and 2 almond flour pancakes with almond butter

S~ apple and water ( after the race)

L~ cauliflower, chicken, guacamole and salsa ( really good)

D~ Green Smoothie – acai mix, blueberries, coconut milk, almond butter and spinach

S~ orange and almonds


So today was not a big food day for me.  I just did not feel too hungry today for whatever reason.  I wonder if it’s all the fat I am consuming. It’s a lot I think compared to my normal intake. I am not complaining.  It’s all good fat and it tastes great!  I almost have 1 full week down and I am liking how I feel so far!


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