~Irish Jig 5k Race Recap~

Saturday~ Irish Jig 5k! It was actually a pretty great day for a race.  It was cold, but there was no snow or rain as there has been in year’s past for this race.   

I went to bed last night all stuffed up.  Allergies?  Cold?  I think it was allergies, but I waited too long to get the Singular in my system so I was not feeling so hot.  I woke up really dried out and foggy feeling, but overall I felt good.  This would be my first Paleo style breakfast before a race.  Albeit it was only a 5k, but I am so used to fueling up on oatmeal before a race I felt weird making 2 eggs with spinach and 2 almond flour pancakes with almond butter and half an apple.  It was tasty, but I was still a bit skeptical.  Andi and I warmed up for a good 15 or so minutes before the race began.  I felt a bit light headed.  Breakfast was at 7:30am and the race was to begin at 9:35am.  Perfect if this was a long run or race.  I did not even think to bring a GU or a swig of sports drink ( Paleo way says it’s OK!) I just decided to run anyway…ha!  I didn’t have any real strategy going into the race, besides doing better than my first 5k of the year.  I also wanted to have negative splits if possible….

mile 1– 7:43   I felt good.  I did not want to start off to fast and then lose steam, but I also did not want to be too conservative.  I think this was just right for me today.

mile 2– 8:05  Dang it!!  I tried to blame it on a hill, but it was so minute that I really can’t.  I felt a bit defeated already and I still had more race to run.

mile 3– 7:46   I am semi happy with my finish.  I am still trying to figure out when to “kick”.  I think I could have easily ( OK, maybe not so easily) run a 7:30 or better here.  Yes, I truly believe that.

mile. 1– :38 I usually pass a lot of people at the end and there was only 1 woman here, so I passed her.  She had a tutu on!

Here is the low down:

Chip Time:  24:13

Overall place:  164/1671

Gender place:  163/1620

Division place:  22/302

Total pace:  7:49

The overall female winner scored a 16:42.  That is crazy fast.  Overall I think I ran a good race.  I always know there is room for improvement and even as I type I am wondering when the next 5k race is. (That’s a good sign!)  It’s my least favorite distance to run, but I am up for the challenge!



Race Day Ensemble....I found my green shirt! Thanks 4 all!


My race "Bling" Mock Turtleneck anyone?!?! 🙂


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