Spin, elliptical, core and DOMS came early.

Loving the weather, but why do I have to suffer with sneezing and a stuffy nose and itchy eyes?!?!  Lame.  I am all drugged up, but still feel like crap. Just sayin’.

On to spin.  I am surprised my nose was not a faucet. OK, maybe right at the end, but I am hoping my class thought it was sweat…yea sure!  😉   I repeated Wednesday’s class but with some last minute changes.  I had 2 people from my Wednesday class show up today.  Ooops!  I even changed a few of the songs; I wonder if they noticed!  I tried to hold back, but once again- it ain’t happenin’ lately.  I had a class of 20 today, so that was very motivating for me.  I have the 5k tomorrow and wanted to be a bit fresher.   Ha.  I cooled down on the elliptical for 15 minutes after spin.  I might add, that my DOMS ( Delayed Onset Muslce Soreness) decided to pay me a visit 24 hours earlier than usual.  Does that mean it will be gone when I wake up in the morning?  I think not.  I will probably be sorer.  Yipeee!!!

Lovely ain't it? Get it right, make it tight!!!

I did core today.  I used the workout from the latest Fitness Magazine.  It was called 7 waist slimming exercises .   All the exercises target the deep rectus, transverse abdominis muscles.  Since mine were basically shredded to bits after kids ( did I ever tell you about the time I had an almost 11lb baby?  True story.  Not sure if I ever mentioned it before….).  All 7 of these exercises were not easy.  The easier one for me was the side plank- ups. The rest were just plain hard.  It makes me even more aware of how weak my core is.  I did all exercises but 1.  I ran out of time because it was too hard I had to be home to get Amara ready for school.   I should really do these at least twice a week.  I won’t say I will, but I know I should.  A strong core will help with my running, cycling and everyday life.  I already know this and I still don’t do it enough.  Lame.

Today is pajama day at school.  Amara was a little annoyed that she has to wear the same pajama’s she wore to the last pajama day.  To be 6 again and have that as my major stress of the week day.  I think it’s pajama day at home too since Miles is still not in regular clothing.  I have big plans to hit up the library soon, but I might go and rest my itchy eyes for a minute or 30.  That depends on what kind of mood Miles is in……  I am guessing we will be hitting up the library sooner than later.

Just one reason why I need 7 waist slimming exercises!

Don’t waste time; get your waist in the healthy range:  How big is too big? The American Heart Association recommends less than 35 inches for women and less than 40 inches for men, but some studies by the American Cancer Society are pushing for markedly smaller waist measurements, down to 30 inches or less for women and 35 inches or less for men.

On tap for Saturday:  5k!


2 thoughts on “Spin, elliptical, core and DOMS came early.

  1. ohh, I am really trying to concentrate on my core (bc of what two pregnancies did to it!!)… I have been doing it about twice a week a long with my race training..not there yet though! I am still not convinced it will ever go back to how it looked pre baby!

    • Good for you and keep it up!! Consistency is key…( as well as diet..) Some lucky ladies out there get their pre baby belly back and some lucky beyothes ladies have a better midsection now! 😉

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