Wednesday and Thursday- spin, run, lift and lunge!


Spin at 10!  Today I did a strength class.  24 minutes of hills – interval style!  There were a few challenging stretches of flat roads thrown in after a hill climb.  No weights today.  I know.  I know.  Oh well.  Better luck today!


1 mile on the elliptical.  My warm up before hitting the treadmill for a short run.

mile 1~ 9:41

mile 2~9:32

mile 3~8:41

mile .1~ :43

I felt really good.  I think the non- running warm up helped.  I probably could have gone for 1-2 more miles…but I had to lift.  Yup.  I gave up running to lift some weights!

Here is what I did circuit style:

3 sets of pull ups first( I did 4 each time) ugh.  I can’t get past 4!  I am happy that I can still do at least 4 since I don’t practice anymore!

Arnold Press

Bosu Push ups

Dead lifts

This was all 3×10 reps.  It was short and sweet and still full body at the same time.  Although I had some time left  and I wanted needed to get some more legs in, so naturally I did some lunges.  80 lunges per leg.  I was going to do 5 minutes of non-stop lunges.  And then I got to  5 minutes and was on a odd number.  Now, we can’t have that can we??  Nope.  It took me 6:30 seconds to do 80 lunges per leg.  Forward lunges, backward lunges, side lunges, and walking lunges.  I tracked my HR ( of course!)  It averaged 150 and topped out at 157!  Dang.  It was all good though.  I will probably regret it on Saturday ( 5k!!).  My DOMS ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) usually kicks in 48 hours later.  Awesome and very smart of me.  I stretched a bit and that is all.  It’s such a nice day out.  I would love to run with my run group tonight in the great warm outdoors!  Amara has dance class on Thursday and I get to record the dance practice tonight so she can practice at home!  She is quite excited!

Saturday is the Irish Jig 5k and I wanted to wear something green.  I was wracking my brain because I am not going to go out and buy something ( duh), and I totally remembered about my Victoria Jo-Wind shirt in Applewood that I received from 4all by Jofit!  Duh!

Check out their website for some new stuff!  The New Orleans Collection to be exact.  It was just introduced and it looks fabulous! I am a sucker for black and white workout clothes.  I sweat like a man, and the black seems to camouflage it ( probably only in my mind, but still….) All of 4all clothes are figure flattering….with longer tops, wider straps and pockets strategically placed!  It’s ok to want to look as good as you feel– or feel as good as you look while exercising or competing.

On tap for Friday:  Spin and core!


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