Paleo- Day 2

B~ 2 eggs ( 2 yolks!) , chicken, sautéed spinach, garlic, bell pepper and salsa.

1 almond flour pancake


S~ Green smoothieAmafruit Pure Acai packet ,coconut milk, spinach, and flaxseeds.

L~ Tilapia, salsa, 1 almond flour pancake w/ almond butter, carrots and an orange

S~ apple w/ almond butter

D~ venison , salsa, onions, butternut squash with cranberries, broccoli

S~orange and tea


I feel good today.  I keep thinking I am going to have low to no energy.  I don’t.  Whew!   I liked today’s menu too.  I planned most of it ahead of time so that helps immensely.  I had a lot of water as well which is very important to any lifestyle! I enjoyed the recipe.  I think next time I will add more cranberries though.


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