Healthy Minds, Boot camp and Running some miles….

Tuesday~ Today started with Healthy Minds/Bodies class.  They were instructed to do 45 minutes of cardio today split up between 2 or more different activities ( treadmill, track, elliptical etc.)  What a great group of women!  They all seemed to push themselves hard today.  They enjoyed the cardio day and were thankful for a break from the weights I think!  We only had time to stretch afterwards today.  I might have them do the 1 mile time trial again next Tuesday to see how they have improved!  I already warned them….

A few hours later was Cardio Sculpt.  Today was sort of a Boot Camp class.  Lots of moans and groans today.  I think they loved to hate it…maybe?  😉

Here is what they did:

Jabs with weights ( 5lbs. or less)

Speed bag with weights

Alternating Curtsy Lunges w/ heavy 1 weight

plank hold

1 trip up/down stairs ( 4 flights)

alternating lunges back to the room

2 minutes of regular crunches on the ball

All of the above exercises were done in “30’s”– either 30 seconds or 30 total reps. (Unless otherwise noted)

Curtsy Lunge



Mountain Climbers


Push ups

Wall Jumps

Plank jacks

Fast squats

1 trip up/down stairs ( 4 flights)

Walking Prisoner Squat back to the room ( squat position..hold it there and get low…now walk! Hands behind head…)

1 minute of side to sides with ball

1 minute of ball roll ups

All of the above exercises were done in “10’s”– 10 reps! ( Unless otherwise noted)

We went though both sets of exercise twice.  Class is 45 minutes long and this took us right til the end!  There was time to stretch and then that was it!

Running club~ Today’s workout involved 1 mile repeats, not the 1200 meters as I thought.  The coach changed the workout for those of us running The Glass City Marathon /half or the Flying Pig Marathon/half April.  Lucky us!  Ugh… 1200’s were sounding so much better.  That extra lap around the track is major!!

1.9 mile warm up- 17:34

Mile 1- 7:07 (oops waay to fast for interval pace.) I don’t know exactly what I pace was to be, but that ain’t it! 🙂  I was hoping for 7:36-7:56 miles

Mile 2- 7:35  much better and I felt pretty good!

Mile 3– 7:44  I was on pace.  Really.  Until some lady in a read coat cut me off and then slowed down.  What’s up with that???  I had to sprint to the finish to NOT get a 7:55 pace.  Blah!

1 mile cool down- 9:28


So all in all, I feel today’s speed session went well.  It was supposed to be warm today.  Not so much.  More like rain and cold!  Yay Michigan! My breathing was great.  I freaked out just for a second during mile repeat number 2, but I told myself to shut it and I was fine.  Stupid brain.

Have you ever taken a Boot camp class? What move did you love to hate?

On tap for Wednesday: Spin and hopefully some weights.  I stink.


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