Rest day, spin, and crafts…….

Sunday~ Off!  Busy day.  There were not enough hours in the day to get in any exercise.  Well, there is always the home workout, but no thanks!  ๐Ÿ˜‰  I had a client session later in the evening.

Monday~ Today was my first day on the paleo eating style.  I will post up later about how my day panned out.  Spin class was at 10 am.  Intervals today.  Looong intervals at that.  The first interval set was 12 minutes and the second set was 19 minutes.  A whooping 3 minute recovery was between the two!  Today there was only 10 minutes of hill climbing involved with some challenging flat road stretches.  I think it went over well.  This weeks weather is looking quite comfortable.  I think my classes will start to thin out soon as well as spring fever hits! I don’t blame them.  I would love to be outside riding NOW!!

Spring Fever! ( bring on the allergies....) ๐Ÿ™‚

The flowers are blooming in our yard already and there is still snow on the ground.  Typical Michigan weather shenanigans.  Tomorrows planned run involves  some serious interval training.  I am kind of looking forward to this; especially if the weather behaves.  That will also mean I will most likely overdress and then complain how HOT it is.  I hope so!

The kids and I were busy making a fuse bead creation.  I am kind of excited because Miles is actually sitting still long enough to finish his.  He usually works on it for an entire 10 minutes and then announces he is finished.  Not so much buddy!  I am even allowing them to stay up a bit longer to finish.  I can tell his gross motor skills are in full effect!  (nerdy)

The Two Strong Training class was cancelled for tonight.  I can’t say that I am upset about it either.  I love the class, I am just a bit low on energy today.  Matt and I talked of going to the gym anyway and lifting.  We probably should have done that, but I refused!  Waaahhh, I am too tired!  Matt went to play basketball so at least one of us is doing something.  I have a hot date with the Bachelor finale anyways…..  I hope he picks Emily.  She seems so sweet.


On tap for Tuesday: Healthy Minds/Body class, Cardio Sculpt and Running!

Miles= flower w/ stem, Amara's = the other flower, Mom's = the most beautiful butterfly you have ever seen! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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