Paleo – Day 1

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I won’t be sharing my menu everyday- just here and there and any interesting recipes I think you all might enjoy!

2 pancakes
2 eggs and bell pepper ( 1 yolk–still trying to enjoy the yolk!  Yuck!)

Green Smoothie- coconut milk, spinach, and blueberries


Spinach, chicken, bell peppers, salsa, drizzle of olive oil and salt and pepper (salad!)

Apple with Almond butter




Tilapia, 1 roasted bell pepper and sweet potato fries.




Well day 1 is just about over and I feel great.  I am full.  A lot more full than I would have thought since I am not eating grains etc.  Perhaps tomorrow and my other more busy ( active) days will tell a different story though.  Hopefully not.  I really enjoyed the pancakes.  They were flavorful and I liked that I could taste the coconut ( milk and shreds and oil).  I love coconut…….. Time to go and plan Day 2.


2 thoughts on “Paleo – Day 1

  1. Very interested to see how you like this. I often feel more satisfied eating higher protein, less carbs BUT I love them & have a hard time giving them up. It’s the whole “you can’t have it” mentality that triggers the fat girl that I obliterated years ago 🙂 lol

    • Me too!! Which is why I think I was successful while doing Cathy Savage. The “diet” did not bother me at all. I know everyone reacts differently, but I was (and still do) stick up for how their diet used to be. I know it is so much better and easier to do now too. It’s only been 1, but I have not missed my grains. I am “allowed” 2 off-plan meals a week too. I will probably wait at least a full week, if not two before I go there though! 🙂

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