Move with Me Action Adventures- The Birthday Gift DVD Review and savings opportunity!

The Move with Me™ Action Adventures team is excited to share a new line of kids yoga and fitness DVDs for ages 3-7 yrs (or 2 to 110 yrs). Scooter and Me is a story based yoga and creative movement series with 9 stories/DVDs that enrich body, mind and heart.  These fun follow-along active play exercise videos are designed to not only develop fitness, focus and coordination, but also teach specific self-care and regulation techniques that improve social skills and emotional intelligence.

Wendy, from Move with Me™ Action Adventures was kind enough to give me the opportunity to review a great kids yoga DVD called Scooter and Me – The Birthday Gift.  **Meet The Boy and his beautiful red Scooter, the best birthday present ever! Ride along with them through the park and grow a little stronger, faster and adventurous every day as you imagine being a motorcycle, a jet boat, a rocket ship, stars, trees, birds and more.**

I really enjoyed reviewing The Birthday Gift, the first story in their series.  I reviewed it twice.  Once alone and the second time with my children ages 3 and 6.  The 6 year old; Amara, watched a few minutes of it the first time I screened it and thought that she did not like it….well that changed dramatically the second time around!  She really got into it and loved the story line.  She loved the sound effects and the yoga moves.  She really loves moving and expressing herself and this kid’s fitness DVD let her do that and then some.  She likes to use her imagination as well, and the story allowed her do that too.  I have to add that her nickname is Scooter, so she got a kick out that!  My 3 year old son also enjoyed this preschool yoga class!  He can have a mind of his own and while he did not do the entire 20 minute DVD all at once, he did do bits and pieces of it and expressed that he did like it.  Even though this kids fitness DVD did not include karate kicks, he managed to add some in here and there!

I enjoyed the DVD immensely.  I, of course, loved that it was based on fitness, but also the life skills learning components that were included.  It touched on healthy eating, and ways to handle anger, stress and sadness.  These are all skills that my husband and I are working on with the kids.  It was a good reminder for our 6 year old, she recognized the breathing techniques used and also a great introduction for our 3 year old son to life long lessons.

If you’d like to check this series out go to their website – or watch the trailer:

The Move with Me Action Adventure Trailer

I think Move with Me™ Action Adventure’s new kids fitness DVDs are guaranteed to light up kids yoga playtime and kids exercise classes.  These are great kids exercise videos.  Their tag line is, “Be the Lion, Be the Rocket, Be the Tree, Be Everything in the Story!”  The kids have a great time and they work on techniques that develop core strength, gross-motor skills, concentration and balance.

I highly recommend the Scooter and Me.  It’s a great way to either introduce fitness in your child’s life or as a way to keep it there.  I am also happy to announce that if you are interested in Move with Me™ DVD’s, you can save 20% on your order by using the coupon code 4MWFL.  This offer will be good from March 14 to March 31st.


*I was not paid for this review.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.





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