14 mile running party girl, with tight IT bands ( That’s me)

Saturday~ What a great morning for a run. The sun was shining, clear skies and even the birds were out.  This was all before 8 am!  I was dressed perfectly too.  That is until I stareted running at 8:10 am.  What the heck?!?!   I swear the temperature dropped by 10 degrees in 20 minutes.  So I was not dressed prefectly.  I even got cocky and used my warm running gloves instead of my ski mittens, and went without my hand warmers.  The wind was blowing as well just to add to the fun. Somehow the run was still enjoyable besides being too cold.

Here is the play by play as best as I can remember!

mile 1~ 9:12  I was running with different friends today ( Andi was off Spinning her little heart out) and I let them ( cuz I am nice like that) set the pace.

mile 2~ 9:15  I was feeling pretty good here.

mile 3~ 9:06  It’s cold here at the fueling station.  The cold water seemed too cold for me!

mile 4~ 9:18  The gentle rolling hills are here.  Yipee!  πŸ˜‰

mile 5~ 9:16  I will assume I am ok here too, I can’t remember though.

mile 6~ 9:35  same as mile 5. Fuel station… GU and water

mile 7~ 9:27 The half way point!!  Yahoo!!  Only 7 more miles……..ahhhhh.

mile 8~ 9:19 I think we were all cold and wanting to get back inside and into dry clothes!

mile 9~ 9:25 Happy that the wind is at our backs instead of blowing in our faces….

mile 10~ 9:32 the gentle rolling hill section is back

mile 11~ 9:15  Fueling station.  I took in some Gatorade and water. The last fuel station until we get back inside.  3 mile to go!

mile 12~ 9:15 Same as mile 11….. consistency is key.  Take notes! πŸ˜‰

mile 13~ 9:18 I am sooo ready to be done and I can see the gym!

mile 14~ 9:26  I had to run around the parking lot a little to get my full 14 in because my Garmin was not ready to roll when I was…so I ran over 14!!  πŸ™‚    My pace was 9:17 per mile.  Not too shabby.  There is 1 more 14 miler planned before the half marathon.  5 more weeks!!!

After the run we had the opportunity to get a free 10 minute massage. How awesome.  I normally pass this up and change my clothes fast.  I was so cold and wet, but I really, really needed to be kneaded.  360 Massage was kind enough to come on in and treat us!  Now, I know my IT bands are tight, but come on!!  OUCH!!  My right band is TIGHT and it was clicking.  Kevin was my therapist( Spin instructor, road biker and he kind of looks like he could be my brother).  He really worked on the right side for as long as he was allowed.  I am sure I needed more work, but hey.  I guess I have to scrape up some pennies and pay the man!  I would really like to get in before and after the half.  He says my IT bands are hindering my range of motion ( I knew it!  I could be so much faster with loose IT bands…) πŸ˜‰

I sometimes struggle with eating something after a longer run ( over 10 miles), and today was no different.  I should’ve been starving having burned over 1000 calories. Nope.  My stomach was doing flip-flops telling me to eat I think, but I didn’t want to.  I ate some soup and jelly beans.  The jelly beans went down easier than the soup!

So happy to see the butterflies!

A few hours later the family headed over to Fredrick Meijer Gardens to see the butterflies! I probably should have requested a wheelchair.  My legs ( whole body really)was exhausted. We had a good time.  We have gone annually for the past 3 years or so.  We usually go for Amara’s birthday, but we usually go at the end of the exhibit and decided to go during the beginning.  I think our best bet will be to go half way through when there are even more butterflies to see.

Fast forward to later in the evening.  It was time to put on my dancing shoes and head out to celebrate my good friends 30th ( yup, she’s just a baby) birthday.  Off to the(Grand) Woods I go. Dinner was: Raspberry Walnut Chicken  Salad –Grilled Chicken tossed with Mixed Greens, Red Onion Rings, Gorgonzola Crumbles and Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette.  It was really good.  I only wish there were pieces of actual walnut in the thing! Oh well.  I actually had 2 whole drinks tonight.  Look out.  A martini and a beer.  I was done with alcohol  by 9 pm!  The dancing started at 11 pm or something like that.  I lose track of time by 10!  What a riot.  I met a new friend.  She was hilarious.  I think I was laughing more than I was dancing.  It was a good time though.  My feet hurt.  Maybe I should have worn my running shoes and not boots!!  I have not busted a move in quite some time so it was nice to do that.  I figured it was finally time to call it a night when I noticed it was almost 2 AM.  Which really meant 3 am due to daylight savings time.  Oooops!!  I got a good 4.5- 5 hours of sleep in.  Yup, that’s me. A regular party animal!!

On tap for Monday:  Spin and Totally Toned and the start of Paleo!!!!!



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