Spinning, Day Off and The Return of The Germies.

Wednesday~Spin at 10!  Today we did an endurance ride.  I still feel this is one of the best classes, but the hardest to coach unless 1. each participant has a heart rate monitor and 2. they know how to use it!  I do my best to coach, but I never really know if they “get it”.  All in all, I felt it went well!  We spent most of the class seated.  I know they were ( I was too) thankful for the brief standing runs 28 minutes into class.  Whew!  I felt bad, because I knew what I had planned so I wore my super sexy padded bike shorts underneath my pants.

I had big plans to either do 15 minutes on the elliptical after class or 15 minutes of core.  I did neither!  😦  I got caught up talking with people and then I decided it was time to head home for lunch, since my stomach was yelling at me.  I never did get my core exercises in on this day.  I can’t think of an excuse as to why not either.

My favorite book worm

We had Amara’s conference later that night, and it went well.  We had a long discussion about her Gum Ball debacle! She is doing so well in school and reading at a very high level for her age.  She literally has her nose in a book every chance she gets.  She has been known to walk into walls, couches, and her brother while reading and walking.  So proud.  It seems just wrong to yell ” Amara, stop reading this instant!!” But I have done it a time or two!  It could be worse!

Thursday~ Today was a day off.  It did not start off that way.  I planned on running and lifting at the gym.  I totally forgot that Amara had a half day of school.  Miles and I were still not fed or dressed by the time she left for school so we were not going to get to the gym in time.  Phooey! The rest of the day was spent not exercising and cleaning up barf.  Yup.  The Germies can’t stay away I guess.  Poor Miles – he got hit again!!  He took a nap and woke up not feeling well.   He proceeded to not feel well in a cereal bowl.  Good thing I am fast on my feet!  He repeated this at least 10 times, I lost count after 6.  Matt and I had to juggle some things around as Amara had dance class.  I was not about to bring Miles there with me. Matt suffered through gladly went to dance and I stayed home with the boy.  I knew every time he was about to get sick because he climbed on me and wanted to be cuddled!  No barf on my shoulder this time!  I had a client at 8pm.  After that I headed to Walgreen’s for a few things only to find that Walgreen’s is the new teen hang out.  Who knew!??!  I was there for at least 30 minutes the line was so long.  I stayed up with Miles until 11: 30.  I had my alarm set for 4:25 am.  Awesome.  I am one tired lady.  Miles is up and running around.  He has kept his juice in his belly so far so that’s a great sign!  I hope to feed them and then call the babysitter that LOVES to play educational games turn the TV on and close my eyes for at least 20 minutes……….. night.

Miles- Germ Free


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