Friday stuff- spin, feeling better, big miles planned, question and random facts.

Friday~ Early spin today.  I felt out of it.  It probably had something to do with staying up so late!  I’m a mom, so it happens. Who am I kidding? I would be up that late even if the boy was not sick!  I am a night owl.  Can’t help myself.  It probably didn’t help either that whenever a kid is sick ( think barf sickness) that I think I will catch it.  Every time I had to burp or belch whatever you call it, I thought for sure I was going to heave.  It never happened.  I am not a hypochondriac or overly drama filled either, I just thought I was going to hurl.  I feel fine.  Just tired…….   I taught an interval style class today, and as much as I tried I was unable to push myself until the last 15 or so minutes.  Bummer.  The class seemed to enjoy it so that it what really matters! I had 20 peeps this early morning.  Crazies Die Hards!  It’s great to see these bigger numbers at this time of day.  I average 12-15 on a typical Friday morning.  I thought about lifting today.  I even went near the weights.  I ended up stretching and going home.  My intentions were to lay down and take a nap before everyone woke up.  I am not sure what I was thinking….this never happens.  I went upstairs and who is at the top of the steps?  Miles.  That’s who!  He just woke up and was ready to go downstairs.  And my morning began.  I have concluded that Miles is on the mend.  He drank his Pedialyte ( I found the single serve powder packets- still too expensive, but a lot less waste then getting the whole container and not using it!) and kept it down.  He keeps whining asking for more drink and food.  I gave in and let him have half an apple. Thirty minutes later it was still in place, so he ate a whole apple and PB toast and water.  He is also getting into trouble, so I know he is back to normal!

My nap was a bust, so I will try again when he takes a nap in about an hour.

So this will be my last legume and grain filled weekend for at least 30 days!!  Paleo starts on Monday.  Andi has been kicked out of my club ( I am the only member now) since she started Paleo without me sometime last week.  😉  Always wanting to be first…….( her, not me!)  I have been getting some great tips and recipes from her though. After a few days she says she feels pretty good. The first day or 2..not so much, but that is to be expected. Can’t wait…..

Many jelly beans and delicious slices of honey wheat bread have been eaten by yours truly.  I actually don’t think I will miss it all that much.  I hope anyway!! I am currently making a shopping list.  It’s basically filled with massive amounts of veggies.  Nothing out of the ordinary, probably just more than I would get in one trip. I am looking forward to trying new veggie dishes and meals.  I think Matt will like most of them, but not sure about what Amara will think.  She can be pretty adventurous with tasting new foods( extra helping of squirrel and her fave part of calamari?  The tentacles!)  I don’t include Miles here, because the kid only eats green beans ( which are NOT Paleo friendly!)

On tap for Saturday: 14 miles!

Question:  I will be able to make green smoothies still.  I can’t add yogurt and I won’t add bananas ( cuz they are nasty).  Any ideas on how I can make it thicker besides adding lots of ice?  🙂

*Random fact 1:  People think we named Miles, Miles becuase I like to run.  Nope.  We just like the name.

*Random fact 2:  Matt wanted to name Amara- Brook after the Brook Trout.  I agreed, only if we spelled it Brooke.   Amara it is!  ( whew)

*Random fact 3:  Matt will probably deny or change the facts of Random fact 2.


Matt and Marcia ( was going to be named Camille)


4 thoughts on “Friday stuff- spin, feeling better, big miles planned, question and random facts.

    • I use flaxseeds and chia seeds….. maybe I am being dumb and that is as thick as I can hope for!!! 😉
      The Paleo Diet for Athletes – come on Marnie, get with the program!! 🙂 Ha! It would be a huge lifestyle change for me if I can hack it! Since I train for endurance sports I cannot for the life of me figure out how to eat correctly for performance! Hopefully this will shed some light on that matter!

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