Running towards the Polish Donut……….


Fat Tuesday!!

So yesterday went well.  It was Fat Tuesday after all and I AM Polish so I had to partake in a Paczki.    My first class of the day was Healthy Minds/Bodies class.  Three of the participants were lucky enough to be able to try out a Spinning class!  I took the rest of the ladies upstairs to hop on a treadmill for some power walking on an incline.  Most were loving it, some were not!  It was not as easy as they thought it was going to be.  After the 20 minute walk we headed to the studio for some weightless strength training.  We only had about 20 minutes to work so I had to make it count.  The workout included: walking lunges, push ups, squats, hip circles, leg lifts, calf raises, hip lifts abs and probably something i forgot.  🙂  It was fun though.  I wanted to show them that they are able to “weight” train on their own if they don’t have weights and still get great results!


I taught Cardio Sculpt at 4:15.  I stayed away from intervals again!  We did straight cardio for 25 minutes and saved the weights and toning for the last bit of class.  One class participant requested more lower body so that is just what we did.  She might regret it for the next few days though.  😉  Lots of hips, lunges and squats for all.  Bathing suit season is right around the corner……..

Run club started at 6:30 pm.  So Tuesday’s workout was to be a 3, 4 or 5 mile tempo run.  I was faced with a bit of anxiety; for this was the same workout almost a year ago that I had my first episode with my vocal cord dysfunction ( I know, I am a nerd).  I think I went into the workout with no expectations though.  I am still not sure what my true Tempo Pace ( 10-20 seconds slower than your most recent 5k) is as I feel my latest 5k is was not a true representation of what I feel I am capable of….so with that being said I just RAN.   After the 2.11 mile warm up, Andi and I were off.  ** Side note, this was her first tempo run with the group.  She did exceptionally well!!!!  Our running coach said our goal during the tempo was to feel a bit uncomfortable without going all out.  Also to make the run progressive, but to not feel as if you are exerting too much more of an effort each mile– understand??  🙂  yea, me either!  I actually did understand and appreciated this explanation from the coach!

Mile 1~ 8:33  I felt just fine.  Too fine for a true tempo run.  I am fine with that!  (HR avg- 165)

Mile 2~8:21  Still feeling good.  The only thing is right after mile 2, I slowed way down ( like 9:00 pace) according to my Garmin.  I think it was wrong to be honest! ( Avg. HR 170)

Mile 3~ 8:13  I really sped up because of the 9:00 pace…and I wanted to be SURE I made it progressive!  (Avg. HR 172)

I decided a 3 mile tempo was all I had in me on this night.  It may have not been as speedy as I would have liked, but I will take it anyway! Especially considering that at the same time last year, I was on the side of the road hyperventilating and confused!  What a crappy night that was.  I still have a long way to go in terms of speed and tempo, but as long as I keep doing the prescribed workouts I am working my way to my goal ( whatever that is! ) The 1/2 marathon is in about 5 weeks.  A lot can be done in that time.  I am not sure what to have my goal be yet……when I think back to running the Grand Rapids Marathon 2 years ago, I averaged an 8:12 ish pace for 26.2 miles ( oh, and I qualified for Boston that year too!). Of course  I  would love to run faster than that for half the distance, but I am afraid to admit not sure I have that in me just yet.

After my active day, I felt as if I deserved the 1.5 Paczki’s that I ate!  1 whole apple filled and 1/2 of a custard one.  Delish!  I do not like anything with red jelly in it.  It grosses me out.  I am glad that Miles chose that one!  Yuck!

**For those Americans still sticking to their New Year’s resolution to diet, the first real test of the year is on its way. Over the next few days, people will be swarming bakeries around the country for their favorite Fat Tuesday treat– the paczki (pronounced POONCH-key).

Dr. Peter McCullough says that people have to be disciplined on Fat Tuesday.

“They certainly can wreck a person’s commitment to a diet,” says Peter McCullough, M.D., Medical Director of the Beaumont Weight Control Center. “A typical five ounce paczki contains about 420 calories, 25 or more grams of fat, and is loaded with refined carbohydrates which are directly converted into fat.” **

Since I had my Garmin on during my activities I burned appropriately 813 calories through exercise.  A once in a while indulgence such as mine won’t derail my training as long as it is indeed a once in a while thing!  It was worth it since I only get a Polish Donut once a year.


2 thoughts on “Running towards the Polish Donut……….

  1. You lost me at paczki!!! Poor Kevin had never had one so I got some Bavarian cream ones but also got lemon ones because that was what I really wanted. I ate half of a lemon one & froze the rest of those. He had one for breakfast yesterday & I busted him eating another half this morning! haha

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