S, TT, and TST

Monday– Happy Monday to all!  Today was a good Monday for once.  Nothing too crazy happened.  Spin class at 10 this morning.  I decided to do the same class as Friday afternoon.  I looked back at my calorie burn for this class on Friday and it was 418.  Today it was 420. 😉  Pretty consistent. Totally Toned was at noon today.  The class did 3 blocks of exercises + abs in each block.  The magic number today was 10 reps for most of the exercises unless otherwise noted.

Block 1-

Wall sit!


Wall Sit (45 secs)

Chest Flye + inner thigh squeeze

Hamstring Curls Crunches (20)

Plank ( 30 sec)

Repeat 1x


Block 2-

Dead lifts

Pistol Rows

Plie Squats Reverse wood chops

Alt. standing side bends

Repeat 1x


Block 3-

Forward Lunges

Lateral raise (5), Front raise (5) Shoulder press (5)

Side lying leg lifts on ball

Crunch on ball w/ weight (15)

Side plank 30 secs each side

Repeat 1x



Wall- Balls!

With the warm up, cool down and stretching included this class took about 40 minutes total.


Tonight was week 2 of Two Strong Training.  It is starting to get serious now!  Out of the 4 couples signed up, only 2 showed.  I think we are the 2 fittest couples in the class, so the dear instructor did not hold back or go easy on us!  ( GOOD!!)The warm up consisted of 2 laps around the track followed by walking lunges, squats and push ups.  We did this twice.  The warm up  continued on with partner band work.  We performed each for 60 seconds:  Rows, chest press, biceps curls and triceps press.  OUCH.  In a good way of course.  We continued on with the workout performing a bunch of other exercises including:  squat jumps, mountain climbers, chest passes with the medicine ball, wall balls, lunge with rotations, push ups on the medicine ball and a bunch of abs and MORE!!  Tired.  It was great!      Next week class will not be meeting, but we will be back at it the next week.  I really love to do exercises like the ones we did tonight.  I don’t do things like this on my own on a regular basis.  I loved to be challenged and pushed and the healthy competition is always good- right?!?!

On tap for Tuesday:  Healthy Minds/Bodies class, Cardio Sculpt and Running (tempo run…eeeek!)


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