Party in the U.S.A

I had the whole weekend to myself!  Kind of.  The kids and Matt headed up to his parents Friday night until Sunday morning.  That is why I took my time at Starbucks’ yesterday yakking it up with Andi over hot chocolate and anti – Paleo food!  After I got home I took an almost 2 hour nap; on the couch! I never do that.  As you can tell I am very productive with my “free” time.  I eat and take naps.  I also went out on the town last night.  Oh yea, I know how to party.  I was home by 11 PM.  😉    It was for a god cause.  My buddy “Boston” was celebrating her birthday!!  We went to Tavern on The Square for dinner and libations.  I ordered the Troppo Salad:  Sliced Pears, Gorgonzola, Roasted Walnuts and Avocado over Mixed Greens with Cherry Vinaigrette. It was very good.  I think it was sprinkled with salt, but I actually didn’t mind it.  I was probably dehydrated from running anyway!  That must be why the extra salt tasted good to me.  It was not very filling, I could have easily eaten another one.  It’s not lady like to pig out in public though, so I refrained.  After about 30-45 minutes of trying to get the waitresses attention, I ordered a drink.  It was  a Peach Sangria.  It tasted like a peach schnapps.  I don’t like peaches, but I love peach schnapps.  It was good, but I bet could have ordered a peach schanpps for less – just sayin’.  White Peach Sangria Recipe.  Somebody make this and tell me how it tastes!  (please).

Sunday ~  No exercise for me today.  I would have liked to do some easy cardio today, but that ain’t happening.  After grocery shopping, Matt soon left to fish with his brother and friend and won’t be back before the gym closes.  Sigh.   I have a client at 5:30 tonight as well, I am helping her to get into wedding shape!!  She’s a lot of fun, and strong too!  🙂

Happy Sunday!!!

On tap for tomorrow:  Spin, Totally Toned and Two Strong Training.


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