Spin+ Weights + to be continued…..

It was hard to get out of bed this morning!!!!!!  I was out the door in a flash though. I can’t be late.  That is part of the reason why I sleep poorly on the night before I teach a very early class.  I wake up a lot thinking that I am over slept.  It has yet to actually happen, but the fear is still there!

Intervals this morning in spin class.  I thought it was pretty tough today.  My class was hard to read until the end – most enjoyed it!  Whew…… sometimes the complete silence either means – they hate it or that they are working too hard and concentrating to be social.  😉  After class I lifted weights.  I know, a total shocker.

3 sets of 12

Lat pull downs ( over hand 50 lbs., under hand 62.5 lbs, and mixed grip 75 lbs.)

Leg Extension machine (50 lbs)

Triceps Dip ( body weight)

Hamstring curl machine – 37.5 lbs

Chest Press machine- 37.5 lbs

I kept the weights nice and light today.  I have to run tomorrow so I did not want to go all heavy today.

I have one more spin to teach at noon.

I could eat hummus all day......

Fit Tip:  Post- run snacks that have carbs and protein help to rebuild your muscles.  Here are some great picks:  chocolate milk, whole wheat bagel with peanut butter, Greek yogurt with berries, and pita with hummus.


*What are some of your go to post- exercise snacks?


Amara before the concert.....


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