Peanut Butter Butt

Tuesday:  Let’s see….My Healthy Minds/Bodies class was fun.  I had them on the ellipticals this time.  Interval training was on the schedule for today.  I had them do a 1:1 ratio of work/rest intervals.   Each segment was 1 minute long.  Most of the ladies enjoyed this workout, but not all of them!  It was fun to hear how proud of themselves they are.  A few of them could not wait to tell me the exercises they have been doing for the rest of the week.  I gave them a goal of completing 125-150 minutes of planned exercise a week.  After the intervals we used the group exercise studio and used the stability ball and hand weights for some full weight training.  The workout was short but effective.  Walking lunges, bent over rows, shoulder press, squats, biceps curls, hamstring curls and various ab exercises.  🙂

I taught Cardio Sculpt at 4:15pm.  I had a class of 6 today with 3 of them being new.  Today was the first class of the 8 week session.  I usually always do some sort of interval with this class (cardio and weights).  I totally changed it up this time.  My plan went out the door.  We spent the first 25-30 minutes doing only cardio.  Unheard of!  I do what I like and this is not my favorite! Ha!  They seemed to really enjoy it, and I will admit I think I did as well.  I sometimes get so used to doing the same style that I get stuck in a rut.  With that being said, next week will probably be intervals..haha! BUT, I will change it up again in week 3.  That is the beauty of naming the class Cardio Sculpt.  I can do what I want, as long as cardio and sculpting is involved!  We spent the last minutes of the class sculpting with weights.  I am sure they will remember that we worked those hips today.  Ouch!

After that I had running club at 6:30pm.  I started with the group today because the workout was one that’s better done with a group.  It’s a hard one.  I also felt I needed to be there just in case I went into cardiac arrest…..  The plan was (4 – 8 ) 800 meter sprints with equal recovery.  I did 5.  After the 1.5 ish warm up we were off! By we I mean Andi and I.  She joined the group, not because I forced her, I just asked maybe 100 times once or twice. 🙂

800 meter repeats help you sprint to the finish!

My goal pace was somewhere between 3:39- 3:50.  It was based on your most recent 5k, but that is not what I know I can do, so I made up my own goal.  That’s how I do things.  😎

My first 2 were too fast (3:25 and 3:26)…Breathing was GREAT today!  I mean, my lungs were en fuego, but my vocal cords were nice and OPEN.

800 # 3 and 4  were pretty much right on at 3:50 apiece.

800 #5 was ok at 3:34, even though up until right now, I thought it was my slowest one.  I felt I slowed way down.  Really.  It was pitch black and I was afraid I was going to trip in a pothole so I really backed off here.  Weird.

I debated doing one more, but it was uphill so I said forget it! The cool down was the run back to the car.  Speed sessions such as this one are hard, but very helpful in relation to improving performance.  My HR avg. was 163, while I wanted it to be 166!  Booo!  Soo close, but I will take it anyway.  After running and changing my clothes I decided I better get to the grocery store; we were totally out of bread.  Not a good thing since Miles’ 3 meals consist of peanut butter sandwiches!

Off to the store I go resembling a candidate to TLC‘s  What Not to Wear ( I love Clinton Kelly).  I planned on going straight home and not being out in public.  I didn’t think anybody would see my pants with the smear of something on the butt ( I think it was peanut butter…what else?)  I tried to wipe it off, but it was not going anywhere.  Oh well.  I even tried to hide it with my purse, but who really walks around with a purse blocking their butt?  That was not working so I just let it be.  I figure the peanut butter smear was from a hug given by Miles.  I will wear my badge of love proudly!

Wednesday– Spin class today.  Intervals with moments of strength and speed.  My legs were already tired from running on Tuesday night, but I tried my best to keep up!  Thankfully, this is the only class I am teaching today and I won’t be going back to do my own thing either.  Unless they offer a class that you get to sleep in for 2 hours.  Sign me up!  Tonight I have a personal training client to meet with and then my work day is over.

On tap for tomrorow:  Run, lift and watch Amara perform a solo in the school concert (Eeek!)   🙂



2 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Butt

  1. Laughing at the PB butt. I saw something on the floor the other day (in multiple spots) & it looked like poo (the cat is good about using the litter box) so had to investigate. I’d stepped on a raisin & tracked it (on my shoe) through the entire house! haha

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