Monday training and On Tap for Tuesday……

Happy March!

Monday~ Miles’ low fever broke overnight.  I really don’t know what that means ( well, kinda of), but I woke him up around 2am because he was coughing so much.  He was soaking wet! There was a puddle of liquid shaped like his body on his sheet.  He did not pee the bed.  He was shivering and angry!!  I got him changed into dry PJ’s and a fresh sheet and he felt better.  He would not take his Tylenol, but he really did not even need it.  He slept until about 8am.  I had Andi cover my Spin class, just to be on the safe side.  I feel he could have come to work with me, but better safe then sorry.  I missed teaching though.  I love that class!  I will be back at it tomorrow though.  I was still sore from running and spin.  Tight hamstrings anyone???

Totally Toned instruction was at 12 noon.  I used an old workout, but I added a few things to it to change it up just a bit.  At 6:45 pm we all headed to the gym. Miles too!  He took a nice 3 hour nap and felt great.  Matt and I signed up for a class at the Y called 2 Strong Training.  Here is the description:

Take “date night” to a whole new level! This fitness class for couples is for those who want to spend time strengthening their body/mind/spirit connection.  This class will provide both a fun and challenging workload for you and your significant other.

Sounds fun huh?  It was.  There are 4 couples total taking this class.  Matt and I used to weight train together regularly for a while.  With changing work schedules, kids and life; we found it hard to be consistent with training together.  I know that I worked a lot harder when he was there.  I think it was mental!  I can bench press more weight and do more pull ups if he is watching!  I am not showing off for him ( I don’t think), but I can just do more for some reason!  So anyway…this class will let us hang out together doing something we both enjoy.  The married instructors are a lot of fun as well.  The first class had us doing a lot of partner exercises with bands and body weight.  It was a full body workout so that is awesome.  I am guaranteed at least one day of lifting a week!  😉  1 week down, 6 to go!

Tuesday~  I had big plans to go grocery shopping this morning.  I know, fun stuff over here.  Miles extended his usual 7 am (or earlier) wake up time until after 9 am this morning!  Yahoo!  He woke up in a great mood, but I felt there was no need to rush him (re: I was and am still in my PJ’s) out the door.  I am not a fan of grocery shopping, but I don’t like to rush it either.  Hopefully I can go after work.  If not I will have to go after running tonight.

On tap for today:  Healthy Minds/bodies class, Cardio Sculpt and running 800 meter repeats.

Do you exercise with your significant other?

Fit Tip:  Create a happy and positive environment by avoiding the people who stress you out.  Cut the “negative Nellies” – the people who negatively comment about your fitness and wellness habits out of your day.

Happy March!  I ran 34.78 miles during the month of February.  That’s 22.78 LESS than January.  Oooops! I am pretty sure I meant to run more.


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