Sick and Spin

Sir Barfs- A - Lot after episode #2. Down for the count.....

The Germies Invade part 2!  Miles was down for the count, but he is back up and fighting!  Kids are awesome!  Long story short.  Saturday Miles was not himself.  He was still happy go lucky, just turned down a few notches.  HE was coughing a lot etc, but nothing too bad.  That is until 7:00 PM rolled around.  Matt and I were just finishing getting ready for a much needed date night.  We get one like every 5 months……… 🙂  I took Miles to the bathroom where he proceeded to just miss barfing on my feet.  Awesome.  Warm, barfed up pizza is not the best smelling thing on Earth.  Poor kid.  We sent the sitter home ( Uncle D).  A few more barf attacks – (the best one happened at 11 PM; being on my shoulder, just missing my hair) ended at 5 AM.  Oh, this one was on a pile of clean clothes.  He was been OK since.  Tired, but barf – free.  He actually asked for BW3′s at 8 AM.  As if.  Funny kid.  Needless to say I am super tired.  I am not sure how much sleep I received.  Miles woke up every hour or so to give me a hug and kiss.  I love my kids, don’t get me wrong.  I just don’t need his barf breath in my face at 2 AM. Just sayin’.  I really hope this sickness does not run it’s course thorough the whole house.  That happened two years ago and it was awful.

I rolled out of bed at 8AM which normally would have been sleeping in for me, but it does not count today since I really never slept.  I was on duty to teach a crazy 2 hour spin class at the Y.  I was ready!  Most of the 2 hour spinners are in training for either a Full or Half  Ironman for this spring.  Soooo out of my league!!  They are awesome.  I would consider doing something like that if it weren’t for that pesky swim part! 😉  It actually flew by quickly.  The plan was to keep the ride an endurance one for the first hour, switching between 75 and 80% of maximum HR.  The second hour was kicked up a notch at 80-85% effort.  I had my HR monitor on and I think my peak was 157 bpm.  My average was 145.  Nice and easy for me today.  My week was so busy and I never had a day to recover; so I kind of took that today.  I burned 980 calories in 2 hours and the weird thing is that I am not hungry.  My stomach is usually talking to me near the end of any long exercise/training session, but not today.  I ate an apple right after class and I had a cashini ( cashew and sesame seeds) butter sandwich when I got home, lots of water and Gatorade as well.  I am super sore from the week and most likely the 12 miles in the snow, ice crap from yesterday.  I always tense up when I am running defensively!  I can feel it today.  Tomorrow starts a new week of fun!

Andi ordered The Paleo Diet for Athletes as well as the cookbook and I just skimmed over is last night a little bit today.  Very intriguing indeed.  I need some peace and quiet though so I can comprehend what the heck I am reading.  One of these days…….

On tap for tomorrow ( if Miles continues to be on the up and up!):  Spin, Totally Toned and Two Strong Training ( will explain later…)



4 thoughts on “Sick and Spin

  1. So interested in the paleo diet for athletes. I have heard so much about it lately. It seems like clean eating taken to the next level. Can’t wait to hear what you think of the book.

    • I agree!! Most of the “testimonials” are of people trying it for 30 days to see what they think. Once I figure it all out, that might be the route I attempt. The whole – No Grains thing is still throwing me off a bit! 🙂

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