12 miles………

It’s getting serious now!  The longest run of the year so far.  12 miles in this morning.  I felt a lot better than I anticipated.  The week has been busy and I have beaten my body into the ground.  And so it continues.  It snowed over night and for a bit during the run as well.  The weather was fair and I overdressed so I started out really warm.   I had no issues with my hands either- they were actually too warm.  That never happens!  My mile by mile play by play:

Mile 1– 9:26  Lots of melted, slushy, slippery snow.  This was pretty much how the whole run was.

Mile 2– 9:53  I made my goal of NO 10 minute miles!  This route is full of small and a few BIG hills, so I had to stay alert!

Mile 3– 9:48  I think this might be the first hill.  I think it’s at least 2 miles long.  Ha.

Mile 4-9:48  Pretty consistent with Mile 3- never happens with me.

Mile 5– 9:54- I think we were running on the snowy, icy and slick sidewalk here and had to slow down and dodge ice patches.

Mile 6– 9:46- Hall St. Hill  is .18 miles long.  I charged up it.  It’s way too long.

Mile 7– 9:56 We were back to running on the dangerous sidewalks, but there were so many cars in the road this morning.

Mile 8-9:58  More sidewalk running.  I think I tried to sprint a bit so I stayed under 10 minutes!

Mile 9– 9:35 Downhill?  Maybe or I was just happy to be almost done.  The end was near….

Mile 10– 9:40 We made a wrong turn somewhere around here, but it was not major.

Mile 11– 8:44 ( ok, I ran .91 of a mile before my Garmin decided to just turn off)

Mile 12– 5:32 (Garmin came back on.  .57 of a mile)  All done.  I really did run 12.  I swear!

So there ya have it.  My average HR was still low! 153.  I stretched for 15- 20 minutes today.  Very much needed.  It’s no hot yoga ( I miss it), but I stretched on the upper pool deck, so it’s nice and warm.  Next week is my chance to finally get it up 6 miles of the 10 mile long run.  I am mildly looking forward to this.  I really hope the weather is nice and not a slushy mess.

On tap for tomorrow:  2 hour spin ride.


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