Spinning out of control!!!!!!

Thursday~  I subbed the early spin class.  I am pretty  much a walking zombie this week.  I have issues with getting to bed or to sleep before 11 pm.  No matter what time I have to wake up.  It stinks!  Class was pretty good I think.  I can’t remember what I did.  It seems as if it was so long ago!  Thankfully, that was the only class I taught on Thursday.  I usually go to the gym and run some miles on the treadmill, but I was just too dang tired to do that.  Instead I longed for a nap – as if.  Amara and I did hit up a great concert at Calvin College though.  If you have not heard of Andrew Ripp you need to take a listen!    He sang this song and Amara and I were singing along as well.  It was fun.  She’s a pretty cool kid out hang out with.  Whenever he started to play his guitar and she recognized the tune, she would say “Yesss!  I know this one too momma!”  It was a very small show and the people around us got a good laugh.  Lots of ohhing and aaahhing over my kid.  We knew all but one song because he wrote it only the day before. She was cracking me up!  We were home by 9:30 which of course is way past her bedtime, but it was worth it.

Before the concert I actually planned out my Friday 5:30 am spin class.  So uncharacteristic of me.  It must have been because I am so tired.  Spin class was fun.  I figured I would “fake” my way through it, but I didn’t.  I probably should have though!  I taught the same class at noon and once again I pushed myself.  I blame it on the participants.  I feed off of them.  Those crazy people.   After all of my activities this week (87 spin classes and some running), I actually stretched.  I mean some quality stretching here.  At least 10 whole minutes or more!!)  I needed it.  My hips and hamstrings are really tight.  I am soo looking forward to running 12 miles tomorrow!  And then teaching a 2 hour spin class on Sunday.  (I figure if I say that over and over it will come true!)

On tap for tomorrow:  12 mile easy run.  Yahooo!!!

Amara and Andrew Ripp this past summer!


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