Dear Diary………

Wednesday-  Amara is on the mend!  Yesterday ( Wednesday) went way better than Tuesday.  She still woke up at her usual time of 7 something AM(even though she fell asleep past midnight), but her swollen lymph node was back down to normal size by the late afternoon.  She was only left with a lingering headache.  She asked me to keep her sickness on the DL, because she does not want the news all spread around.  She is so funny. Mums the word girl! She got her first diary yesterday.  She lost the key in the car on the way home from the bookstore ( that didn’t take long).  It’s in the car somewhere.  It might be gone forever in that trashed back seat.  I won’t lie.  I will probably read it.  I just want to make sure she is not talking smack about her dad.  ðŸ˜‰  I already jimmied the “lock” open with my mad detective skills.

I was so so sore yesterday.  I think I still have lingering effects from those dang hanging leg raises from SUNDAY!  If you forgot, I am not a fan of working my core/abs so this makes perfect sense that I am still sore.  I am also super sore from my lunge fest, or whatever I called it on Tuesday.  My hips especially.  There were a lot of curtsey/cross over lunges that fine day and here I sit at 4:24 AM – I think it’s worse!  I had to sit around all day ( watching soaps again and not doing much else – ha!) to wait to teach my last 90 minute class of the session.   It was hard to get on the bike after my very active day yesterday.  It sounded nice to have yesterday as a day off, but in the end I was happy to get is some activity and get some blood flowing through these tired legs of mine.  I totally planned on having it be a recovery ride.  My HR was a whopping 131 average!  It felt nice though – really!

I better go scarf down something small; I teach spin in 1 hour!


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