Not so typical Tuesday

Germies BE GONE!

Tuesday— The Germies are back!  Amara has been up since 5 am (yes, she is still up and it’s 11:15 PM).  She complained of a headache and a sore neck.  To the doctor’s office we went.  She has a swollen lymph node and is on antibiotics.  Poor thing.  Just moments ago she realized she missed buying hot lunch!  We allow her to buy hot lunch once a month and today was the day.  Never mind that school was not even open due to the bad weather!  No school for her tomorrow, but hopefully she will be ready to return on Thursday.  She has not eaten all day and just ate some toast and is now working her way through an apple.

5:30 am–  90 minute extreme spin.  The last class of the session!  It was a good one.  The only thing is I did not get my heart rate up to any extreme.  It was more like a recovery ride- 140 beats per minute was my average.  I burned 743 calories though.  I am not sure what was up with my effort today-  maybe it was the time of day??  Freakin’ early!

12 noon– Healthy Minds, healthy Bodies class ( I don’t even know if this is the name of the class– is that bad???  Don’t answer that).  Today they did a 1 mile test!  It was so fun to watch!!  They really did a great job!  The times ranged from 9:36  to 25 minutes.  I really loved to see how they came together today; there was lots of cheering and motivation going on.  After the run we went to the studio for 25 minutes of weight training.  I had 1 rule.  I would not allow anyone to use let’s than 5 lbs.  You should have seen the look on some of their faces!  Biceps, triceps, lunges, chest, squats, push-ups, butt stuff and abs.  There were a lot complaints, but they all did what I asked of them….they all tried and worked to their personal potential!  Love it.  I plan on doing the 1 mile test again in a few weeks.  I can’t wait to see how much they improve.

4:15pm– Cardio Sculpt instruction.  Lungapalooza. I am not sure they liked the name I gave the class.  I think we did at least 10 different types of lunges; at least 15 reps per leg per exercise.   I want to make sure they think of me tomorrow while doing everyday sitting!  We rounded out the legs with some requested upper body exercises as well.  The ladies wanted to hit their triceps hard, so we did.  Over and over and over.  I like to ask for requests, but sometimes they regret it, but it was their idea so technically they should not be upset with me. We ended with crunches, planks and obliques and stretching.

5:30pm- Treadmill warm up, hill sprints, cool down and incline walk.  I did not feel like going to running club tonight ( it was too cold for me).  I went back to the gym for the 3rd time for some treadmill fun.  I only warmed up for  half a mile and then I proceeded to do 2 miles of hills.  That turned out to be 16 thirty- second hill climbs at a 3.0-4.0 incline. I ran slower for 45 seconds and then repeated the hill sprints.  It was mildly painful, but I am glad I did it.  I ran a mile (9:40) cool down and then walked on an incline of 5% for 1 mile.  I stretched for about 10 minutes afterwards.

This concludes my fun-filled day.  I should get to bed now since Amara finally got off the couch went to bed.

On tap for tomorrow:  I have a sub (thanks Andi) for my 10 am spin- I have to miss my race day– Booo!  I have a sick kid.  90 min. spin later on to make up for it.


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