It’s all about the sass…..

Party Time!

Monday~ It’s a good thing I glanced at Amara’s school calendar last night…no school today.  That would have been bad.  She was not as upset as I thought she would be since she missed Friday already.  On Friday ( after she was done puking…) Matt took her to the Dollar Store to buy things for her own party( she missed the 100th day celebration at school).  She came up with some good stuff.  A bit scary, but fun nonetheless.  She and Miles had fun dressing up and having their own little party.

Spin at 10 today.  It was a sprinting festival.  I think we pulled off 25 or so.  I lost count, but perhaps it was more.  It went by fast and I got a great response; mainly because it went by fast!  It was hard as you wanted it to be.  Good stuff.

As the day wore on I was reminded many times that I actually lifted weights on Sunday. I like to be sore though.  It was not horrible, but I forgot to write down one exercise….I don’t know what it’s called, but I was hanging from some straps on the squat rack…and then I touched my feet to the bar.  Make sense?  Ha.  I only did 2 sets of 8, but it hurt me.  Matt calls them hanging Leg Raises…I guess I believe him.

Kind of like this...only I touched my toes to the bar...No swinging, use your CORE!

So, I was at the tattoo place on Saturday getting my nose pierced…… and that’s all.  I got my nose pierced.  Not a big deal, but I think it’s funny.  Only 1 person said something about it!  And, no I did not get it so people will say something about it! I just find it funny.  I let Amara know what I was doing ahead of time and she was a bit worried about what my dad would think.  It was so funny I had to call him and tell him.  So when we dropped the kids off, he pretend to be upset about it, but Amara did not believe him.  She also told me that she did not think I was sassy enough for a nose ring – I showed her!  😉

On tap for tomorrow:  90 minute Spin, Healthy Minds/bodies class, Cardio Sculpt, and running.  🙂

**Take a look at Simply Created.  My very talented friend and neighbor opened her Etsy store today…everything is fabulous!


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