Sunday Stuff….

Getting ready to run in the snow wearing my new threads! Thanks 4all!

Sunday~ I really wanted to get up this morning and run 5-8 miles before the snow storm hit.  I rolled out of bed at 9 am!  That is awesome.  Miles is getting better at not needing anything from us so we can get a bit more sleep on the weekends.  He is close to becoming my favorite child.  I decided to go grocery shopping and then go to the gym with Matt and the kids later in the afternoon to run a bit on the treadmill.  While shopping I got the urge to run.  So I did.  I waited until I was home of course.  I got home and after an hour I was out the door.  I was able to wear some of my new clothes from 4all.  AWESOME!!  I received some goods in the mail on Friday and have been eager to try them out.  I wore 2 of the 3 pieces to run in.  These pieces were so comfortable, fashionable and they worked!  They were both made with  Jo Dry jersey material which is a sweat wicking wonder.  I live for sweat wicking materials!  It was a windy day which can turn any outdoor activity into a bad one if you are not properly dressed.  I was nice and toasty warm during my run.  I really loved the feel and function of the shirt and jacket and cannot wait to try out the capri’s ( probably INDOORS!!)  I had a goal of running a good pace today.  What I was not ready for was the snow storm I ran it.  It literally started snowing 10 minutes before I took off and the ground was completely covered.  The flakes were huge and coming down FAST. I made it a total of 3.67 miles! ha.. and lame.  That’s OK though, I am glad I made an attempt!  I normally never run on Sunday so that has to count for something…right?!?!  😉

Mile 1– 8:58…… I had no idea what route I was going to take, I just started running.

Mile 2– 9:27……My eyelashes were covered in snow, by 1.5 miles in.  It was hard to see in front of me too.

Mile 3– 8:59…….I had to sprint to the finish in order to get a sub 9:00 mile…just made it!

Mile .66-5:45……A nice cool down while I decided I was definitely going inside!

After getting back in I changed so I could go to the gym with the rest of the family.  I decided to try to get some more miles in on the treadmill.  I did a very random interval.  So random that I can’t even remember what I did.  There was walking, running, sprinting, jogging on an incline and some other stuff.  I did 2 miles of this before calling it quits.  It was kind of fun.  It was different so that made it sort of interesting.  What also made it interesting was the guy next to me ( Matt was next to me, but I mean the guy on the other side).  This guy gets on the treadmill next to me and even before he gets on he is hacking up a lung.  He was coughing so hard.  I thought it was going to end but it really never did.  To make matters worse he also had some B.O.  It was the kind that is not apparent right away. It was the sneaky kind.  The kind that makes you think it’s you.  IT was not me.  It was him.  That is another reason I cut my run short. I can’t stand major B.O.  I can stand the not major kind though…….his was rank.  I was listening to my MP3 player while running, but I had the TV tuned to The Animal Planet on- I think it was about hoarding animals. This lady had tons of cats in her home.  I mean TONS.  Even though I could not hear what was going on I caught on quickly from the images.  Cats.  Everywhere.  Pooping and peeing everywhere.  Nasty.  That was random.   I lifted weights today!  Woohoo!  Matt was my trainer!

Mostly everything was 2 sets of 12 reps.  I did the two exercises and took a 60 seconds rest before moving on to the next group of two.

Smith Machine split squats/shoulder press

Deadlifts/chin ups

Bench press/bent over rows

Side lunges/reverse wood-chop

I know I will be feeling it tomorrow.  Maybe Sunday will be my new lifting day?


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